Gay Bara – Manga – “Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out” – II

Welcome to part two of “Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out”!

For those who missed part one here is the LINK

Bara: Modern Usage

As we had briefly touched at the beginning, “Bara” is not exactly a term commonly used in Japan. If it is used, if at all, it is pretty much used as a synonym to BL. The English-speaking community continues to use “Bara” to refer to manga depicting romantic and sexual relationships with the specific big, muscular, sometimes hyper-realistic art style. However, the awareness of its complex history and its relations with the history of geikomi often eludes many English-speaking readers.

I promise to dig deeper and bring some more information about gay Bara.

Let’s now get into the graphical part of it

Well, that is it for this part two of the story. Enjoy it while I am preparing part three.

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