Gay Bara – Manga – “Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out” – II

Welcome to part two of “Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out”!

For those who missed part one here is the LINK

Bara: Modern Usage

As we had briefly touched at the beginning, “Bara” is not exactly a term commonly used in Japan. If it is used, if at all, it is pretty much used as a synonym to BL. The English-speaking community continues to use “Bara” to refer to manga depicting romantic and sexual relationships with the specific big, muscular, sometimes hyper-realistic art style. However, the awareness of its complex history and its relations with the history of geikomi often eludes many English-speaking readers.

I promise to dig deeper and bring some more information about gay Bara.

Let’s now get into the graphical part of it

Gay Bara - Manga - Big Hero 6 - part 2

Well, that is it for this part two of the story. Enjoy it while I am preparing part three.

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