Gay Adult Content Creator of the week – Derek Caravaggio

Derek Caravaggio – from Instagram to Twitter and OnlyFans

Here we go with another start of a new series of posts and articles! Why this new thing you might ask? Well, Internet and Social Media made home made presenters and content creators closer to the general population. They are posting on Twitter, Instagram, Tik-Tok and number of other platforms or dedicated sites as OnlyFans.

Why that makes a difference? In the past we could access gay adult content through dedicated gay porn sites only. These sites had their own standards for selecting models that will appear on their pages. Yes, anyone could apply for becoming a model theoretically. However, if you lived in a small town away from big centers then you would have to move. With new social media platforms and some specialized paid for view sites the opportunity to present yourself became broad.

One of the “problems” with this is the fact that all of the sudden we have a huge range of gay adult content providers. They are all competing for our attention. They are all facing stiff competition between themselves. That is when Gay Matters could step in and search for content creators that I believe are worth wider attention.

Let me make this perfectly clear – I do not demand any reward for publishing from content creators! Those that follow this site know that it was advertisements free till recently. In the past several weeks I have publish some advertisements from one company only (gay owned and operated). So far the success is equal zero. And, make no mistakes – I do not depend on this site making money. This is my first creation and very special. I wish those who follow enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy posting.

Derek Caravaggio – Gay Adult Content Creator of the week by Gay Matters

Let’s get back to the this week’s gay adult content creator – Derek Caravaggio! I must admit of not knowing much about him at all. I can share some links to his creations here so you can see a bit more than what I can post about him here. Oh, surely, I think that he has very hairy legs. If that is important. The rest – it is up to you to check it out. If I get any information about or from him it will be posted.

Derek Caravaggio – source: Twitter

Here is the link to Derek’s OnlyFans site –

Here is the link to Derek’s Twitter account – @CaravaggioDerek

Do you have your favorite on any of these platforms that you would like to see here? Are you gay adult content creator yourself and would like to appear here?

If answer on above questions is “YES” then get in touch

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