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What is Bara?

Welcome to today’s Bara post. I must admit being completely surprised by readers interest in this genre shown recently. That made me search about this type of content and learn some things. Thank you for making me do that. I hope that short “educational” bit about this topic will not be too annoying for those who are well informed about it. I am quite sure that everyone will be enjoying drawings. That is what this all is about. So, let’s start with a simple question – What is “Bara”?

“Bara” is a term commonly used in English-speaking manga reader communities to generally describe a genre of manga depicting romantic and sexual relationships between men with art styles showing more realistically-drawn characters or muscular men. In Japan, however, the term is not commonly used with the same meaning and has a more complex history.

Tank Tops


The term “Bara” is written with the kanji 薔薇 which literally means “rose.” Its common usage can be traced back to the first magazine catering exclusively for gay men in Japan, Barazoku (薔薇族).

Brief History

The origin of the term “Bara” was actually from a slur for gay people in Japan. During the early 1970s, perhaps echoing the rising gay rights movement in the west, the magazine Barazoku called for the gay community in Japan to be out and show themselves instead of keeping to the invisibility offered by being “underground.” It was also an attempt to re-appropriate the slur “Bara” for the gay community. The usage of the term faded as more and more people in the gay community used “gay” and “homosexual”.


To be continued…

Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out - Image 1 - introduction - gay bara
Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out - page 2 - gay bara
Young jogger noticed a buddy helping himself out – In Australia we would say – wanking
Big Hero 6: Helping a Buddy Out - page 3 - gay bara
Young jogger surprised his buddy wanking. No, there is no need for explanation – how about a head job?

I think this is good enough to give you the idea what is all this about. I personally like these drawings. Particularly the fact that penises are not crossed with horizontal lines. Watch this space and come back if you want to see the rest of the story. It is coming soon. And, surely, if you like this please make comments and SHARE it.

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