Doujinshi of Gudao/Ritsuka Fujimaru & Fuuma Kotarou – III

Welcome to the third part of this Doujinshi story! I am glad to see you coming back. For those of you who missed Part II here is the LINK.

Types of Doujinshi:

Type 4 – Parody/Gag

This genre is usually comedic, and usually written to poke fun at the original stories and characters through humor.

Type 5 – “What If”

Explores alternate universe situations or alternate story lines from the original material. It allows fans to change situations or story arcs that they feel aren’t right, or to re-imagine the original works by altering events or the backgrounds of particular characters.

Type 6 – Mecha / Military

This genre has gained popularity in recent years. It involves putting characters from original works into military uniforms and tanks, with frequent insertions of humanoid-like machines, or mecha.

Tank Tops

Let’s see the third and last part of this Doujinshi story

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