Gay rumors about Aarif Rahman (Aarif Lee) – 李治廷

Is there any truth in rumors about Aarif Rahman being gay?

Well, let me be straight in answering the above question. There is no any proof that Aarif Rahman (Aarif Lee) – 李治廷 – is gay! He is certainly very popular with a lots of people including his gay fans. Maybe they just dream about him being gay? Maybe it is true but he does not want to confirm it. If that is the case then the rest of the world should respect that choice.

Let’s have a look at some rumors as well as some proven facts of this popular artist who is maintaining his popularity over considerable period of time. If nothing else, he is worth our attention as successful artist. And as a very handsome guy as well.

The handsome mixed race Aarif Rahman has debuted in the entertainment industry quite some time ago. He has been working in Mainland China and his popularity skyrocketed with the drama series “Empress of China” – 武媚娘傳奇 – in 2014-2015.

He was rumored to have hit it off with his co-star Fan Bingbing during the filming of the show. However, with Fan Binbing going public with her relationship with Jerry Lee, people seem to have forgotten about Aarif. However, Aarif Rahman is rumored to have an ambiguous gay relationship with Chine actor Ray Ma.

Aarif and Ray have been participating in the Chinese reality show “Sisters over Flowers”. The two have been said to act gay by calling each other “Papi”and “Mami”. Aarif has been known as handsome and even hailed as an idol by many gay men. Aarif Rahman and Ray were even sleeping together in the same room during the filming of the show. Apparently they even argued with each other like a married couple.

Ray is the man behind my success

During TV interview Aarif once mentioned Ray is the man behind his success. He said:

We saw each other during our trip everyday and we have developed this chemistry. If it is something I cannot take care of, he would naturally help me out. Ray is the man behind my success… I have become his wife… I am the mom, he is the dad”

Nobody really knows if Aarif was saying all these ambiguous things to draw attention to the show or if he is actually in a relationship with Ray.

Some known facts about Aarif Rahman:

He was born on 26 February 1987. He is also known as Aarif Lee. Rahman is also a singer. Rahman won Best New Performer at the 29th Hong Kong Film Awards in 2010 for his performance in “Echoes of the Rainbow”. He can play various instruments as bass guitar, drum kit and piano.

Many people enjoy sharing rumors about the sexuality and sexual orientation of celebrities. We don’t know for a fact whether Aarif Rahman is gay, bisexual or straight. Here are result of one of the many surveys on Internet: 56% of all voters think that Aarif Rahman is gay. 37% voted for him being straight. And, 6% of voters like to think that he is actually bisexual.

Is Aarif Rahman gay?

It is his right to keep the public guessing. His personal life is his business and has to be respected. However, it is up to you to make your mind up – it is your right to believe whatever you chose to. And, if you search over the net you might even be able to vote on the matter!

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