Homoerotic Photos – Lucas Cruz by Victor Ozuna in B&W

Welcome to some great homoerotic photos of Lucas Cruz. Photographer is Victor Ozuna. This set of photos is in black and white.

For those who did not see the colour edition of the same model and photographer – here is the LINK

Here we go folks:

Let’s start with a photo that is neither b&w nor colour. I actually like this combination

Please pay some attention to shadows on photo above on the right. In general (in my opinion) black and white photos create better feel of masculine body of the model. As well as contrast between tanned part of the body and part less exposed to the Sun. Don’t you love the look of shaven pubic hair? It is very erotic photo in my books. What do you think? Let me know

Now, this is a photo that exposes the virile side of the model

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