Doujinshi of Gudao/Ritsuka Fujimaru & Fuuma Kotarou – II

Welcome to the second part of this Doujinshi story! I am glad to see you coming back. For those of you who missed Part I here is the LINK.

Here is some more information regarding Doujinshi

Types of Doujinshi

Type 1 – Boys Love / Shounen Ai

A genre that depicts romantic relationships between two boys. It focuses on the emotional aspect of relationships, with only brief suggestions of sex. Common ones are coming of age stories with the protagonists being pretty boys.

Type 2 – Yaoi

While this genre also depicts relationships between two boys, it is considered more pornographic with little, if any, focus on the emotional relationships of the characters. The word yaoi itself is an abbreviation of “Yama nashi, Ochi nashi, Imi nashi,” loosely translated as “no meaning, no build up, no conclusion.”
Girls Love / Shoujo Ai and Yuri are female counterparts to the genres mentioned above.

Type 3 – Hentai

Hardcore porn between males and females. Absurd, fantastical elements are almost a staple in this genre. Hentai doujinshi are almost always more graphic than the original works.

More on this topic coming soon.

Let’s see the second part of the story now

This is the end of part II of this story. More is coming soon. Enjoy reading, stay safe and, if you like this, please let me know and share it on your social network.

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