OMG He’s Naked!! – Gay OnlyFans Star – Grant Ryan

Grant Ryan is a big name in the world of fan-subscription porn. Grant and his partner, Mathew Mason, are an OnlyFans power-couple

Here is the short interview with Grant Ryan:

You’re originally from the US but now living in Melbourne – what led to the move to Australia?

I’m originally from Georgia, in the US. Mathew and I met on Twitter. After months of FaceTiming and texting everyday, I made the move for our relationship.

What’s been your porn journey to where you are today with your OnlyFans channel?

The first thing I ever did was webcam modelling. After dabbling in that, I did studio porn for about a year. I worked with, Falcon, Raging Stallion, and Gaywire – to name a few.

The content that you create and share through OnlyFans showcases your connection with Mathew. Has filming together been part of your relationship from the beginning?

Filming was always part of our plan, in that we wanted creative control over the porn we were a part of.

After a few months of adjusting to life together, we decided to start filming together and put our vision into action.

While we share a lot on camera and social media, there is a lot we don’t share. Most of our sex life is spontaneous and we don’t film it. We have sex at least three times a day, and we will go days without filming.

Do you create content in response to what people want to see from you?

When we create content, we take a lot of inspiration from Point-Of-View straight porn. We work with our own fetishes as well. We also try to see what the fans are most responsive to, and go from there.

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Besides that, we create custom videos for fans all the time – so there is a lot of communication between us and the fans.

I find that to be a really rewarding aspect of sex work.

Jocks & Thongs

Can we talk underwear?

I prefer to wear jockstraps on a daily basis. Also, as I spend so much time at the gym – for me, it’s the most comfortable underwear. I also always feel sexy and masculine in a jock.

For other guys, and especially my boyfriend, I love thongs. There’s just something about a thong that is such a tease to me – it makes me crazy.

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