Doujinshi of Gudao/Ritsuka Fujimaru & Fuuma Kotarou – I

Doujinshi (同人誌)どうじんし: a self published magazine or publication that caters to a specific group of people

What Is Doujinshi?

Doujinshi are usually self-published works made by amateurs to the publishing scene. Published artists are also known to dabble in doujinshi as a way to release works that aren’t otherwise suitable for general publication. They can be divided into two main categories—originals and spin-offs of existing works in the market. The latter seems more common in recent years.

As in manga, there are several genres available in the market. A large amount of these works are based on “what if” scenarios. They frequently incorporate adult themes. Female audiences often focus on gay relationships and are more driven by character development and relationships. Doujinshi for male audiences tend to focus on lesbian relationships, and have more action and crises.

More information coming soon! If you are interested in this type of entertainment watch this space.

Let’s get to the point and story

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