Model Adam Kai – Homoerotic Photography

Adam Kai by Buonomo & Cometti 

Eh, memories… Photography is the best way to beat forgetfulness and preserve memories. And, frankly, old photos look as professional as those made now. The same thing does not apply to old videos. Here is a young homoerotic Adam Kai some seven years ago. Let’s browse through old photos of Adam Kai by Buonomo & Cometti. I promise you will like them

Black and white photo of a young model Adam Kai
Adam Kai – photo model
Homoerotic photo of a model Adam Kai
Face photo of Adam Kai - close up - in black and white

I know that many people would not think these are particularly homoerotic photos. And I would tend to agree to a point. However, use of the jewelry pushes it towards being recognized as homoerotic. I guess we cannot agree all the time and on every topic.

Color photo of male model Adam Kai

I have to admit that color photographs are much better in showing what is model’s eye’s color. Young Adam is looking straight into the camera and showing his beautiful eyes in their full beauty. He is also wearing jewelry very comfortably.

Adam Kai face photo - clean skin highlighting boyishness
Close up – Adam Kai – clean skin highlighting model’s boyishness rather than male masculinity

After six years of being advertising free site I had to change that course. However, I promise not to push advertising too hard on my readers eyes. Only LGBTQ friendly advertisers will be presented. This is certainly one of them and warmly recommended by International Gay Guide

I have done some search to find out what is Adam Kai doing presently. However, that was not very successful. It seems that his last assignment as a photo model was in October, 2017. I could not find any newer posts on his Instagram profile page. It seems that he was trying to start career as a musician – again according to Instagram. Whatever he is doing, I wish him very good luck and success

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