Pose actor Jeremy McClain signs to Elite Model

The actor and musician is looking to the future amid the “painful and heart-breaking” final series of Pose

By Alastair James

Pose star and fan favourite Jeremy McClain has signed with Elite Model Management.
The actor-musician-model, best known for his role as Cubby Wintour on the trailblazing FX show, will work across a number of projects including fashion, lifestyle and beauty brand endorsements.

He spoke to Attitude about what he’s looking forward to.

“I’ve always loved the fearlessness of European fashion in general,” says Jeremy. “Progressiveness, innovation, fearlessness. People aren’t afraid to take risks in Europe.

“And I think you have the full feel of it – you have the very chic, more tailored style of something like Burberry, but then you also have something like Vivienne Westwood. You have the full spectrum.”

The multi-hyphenate performer goes on: “I’ve always loved fashion. It’s a great escape. You can really create who you want to be with clothes and through fashion. It’s such an art form that I have really grown to appreciate. It goes day to day how you’re feeling. You can tell your emotions through a visual medium.”

As he prepares for the next stage of his career, Jeremy also discusses the upcoming, and final, season of the hit show Pose, which premiered last weekend on FX in the US and is expected to air on the BBC in the UK later this year.
“It is heart-breaking of course because it’s the end of this time with this family we’ve created and the story”, reflects Jeremy.

Jeremy McClain as Pose’s Cubby Wintour (Image: FX)

We told the story that we wanted to tell

“We told the story that we wanted to tell, and it’s been a great ride. I’m really happy with where it ends, and where it’s going. We’ve changed the landscape of TV for the better. Now people know that this talent exists and that the community this story is about exists.”

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The actor also says the show has done a lot for increasing representation: “For anyone who’s ever felt other to turn on the TV and felt seen for the first time. Living out loud and doing the most – that’s really great. It can also help people who have not understood our community – we’re just people living our lives. We’re just like you. We all want love; we are all in pain.

Our stories are valid, and people want to watch them

“It’s shown that our stories are valid, and that people want to watch them, and that the talent is there. Whether it’s trans or gay or anything, we’re there and we’re ready to work. So, people don’t really have an excuse to not tell these stories and to not hire people like us because we are there. The veil has been lifted; you can’t really go back.”

McClain adds that it’s important that shows like Pose and It’s a Sin, which have both focused on the Aids crisis of the 1980s and 90s, tell those stories.

“When the [third] season [of] Pose starts in 1994, Aids was the leading cause of death in America for people aged 25-44. That was a sad reality. That’s one thing that Pose has never shied away from – the truth.

Pose is all about the truth and I’m honoured to be a part of it.”
And one final thought on Pose’s final season: “It’s a painful and heart-breaking but beautiful ending to this story. Lots of tears, balls… lots of looks and just a beautiful end.”

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