Meet The Queer – 5 Hot AF Gay Stoner Boys For

Stoners are hot! And we like them rough around the edges

Tristen above has elicited comments like, “Not gonna lie we dream about burying our nose in Tristen pits and his seemingly always sweaty sac. He definitely always leaves us with a contact high.”

SHOT GUNS with your boyfriend are hot.


・・・ One a day keeps the stress away!

THE BROTHERHOOD Gay stoners are hotter. #fact #gaystoner #gaystonersunite#gaystonerboy

DRESSED UP DANK You just put your lips together, and blow…

When that mota hits just right.

This is the very first edition of “Meet the Queer” edition. It might be the last one as well. It will depend on level of interest for this type of post from the readers. So, if you like it and want more of similar stuff – read it and then share it!

As you can see already, the idea is to meet the queers who are living around us. These are not media stars or anything of that sort. Some of them could well be. They have various qualities, talents… Let’s meet them. Let’s get to know them better.

Any suggestions are welcome!

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