The homoerotic ‘needleporn’ art of Zachary Nutman

When I first came across the needlepoint of artist Zachary Nutman I could hardly contain myself. Not only are Nutman’s needlepoints, or “needleporn” as Nutman calls them, expertly executed, they are also so completely NSFW. I just want to hand the four-letter warning to Nutman as a prize for his efforts in presenting hardcore scenes of queer sexual interludes using a craft generally associated with your grandma or someone who owns way too many cats.

The young New York-based artist left London when he was twenty and enrolled in film school at New York University. Nutman has created many pieces of queer-oriented needlepoints. Many of them can take the young artist a staggering 100 hours of work to finish. Much like Touko Valio Laaksonen—better known as the artist Tom of Finland, whom many consider to be one of the very most influential contributors to gay fetish art—Nutman says he isn’t aware of any kind of scenario he would shy away from when it comes to creating his needlepoints.

The artist also gets lots of requests from his fans to make customized needlepoints. Like depicting sexual scenarios that involve their partners, so that they can hang on their walls. Awww. All of the work Nutman has done to date are one-of-a-kind. I’ve featured here a large selection of his gloriously porn needlepoints for you to ogle below.

Needleporn’ art of Zachary Nutman
Needleporn’ art of Zachary Nutman

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