Gay Adult Entertainer review – Alam Wernik


A break-out social media star from the adult entertainment world! Alam Wernik enjoys a colossal following of over a million on Instagram and 200,000 on Twitter.

Alam Wernik established himself as one of the world’s most in-demand porn performers over the last couple of years. The Brazilian is following the path of many adult stars by capitalising on his newfound fame on OnlyFans. There fans can subscribe for the personal pleasure of viewing his sexual exploits.

The advent of OnlyFans has revolutionised the sex industry in recent years. Both professional and amateur content creators throw off the shackles of traditional porn contracts and turn to a platform that provides them ultimate control over their sexual expression. And, importantly, the money earned through their labour.

Alam Wernik, former medical student reveals how he’s relishing the control he’s been afforded both sexually and financially since turning to OnlyFans.

Alam Wernik is OnlyFans superstar - photo in underwear
As Alam poses for an exclusive lockdown shoot in his New York apartment for Attitude’s Sex and Sexuality issue

“The porn industry was a beautiful experience. I used to create homemade videos, but the porn industry was a completely enjoyable, but different, experience”, he says.

“OnlyFans followers have given me the support to build and create other projects in my life.

“It’s such an amazing thing to know that people follow you for you who you are. I am grateful for that. All the fans gave me this amazing opportunity to share my content.”

Alam Wernik, who quit his medical studies before moving to the US, explains that OnlyFans offers the chance to establish a more intimate connection between performer and his followers and fans. 

“There’s a lot of factors that I take into consideration [when creating OnlyFans content]” he says.

Alam Wernik wears Morgan body suit by Ruksin; cap, Alam’s own (Photography: Harol Baez)

It is just about being yourself and sharing your lifestyle

“But it’s just about being yourself and sharing your lifestyle. It’s really important for people to know who you are when having sex on camera!”

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“With OnlyFans, the social media doors opened, giving me an opportunity to show what I do in my day-to-day life, such as fitness and travel.

“I like to show my sexuality with no fear or judgement. I like the feeling of giving and receiving emotions like it is the last time. Because it could well be, right?”

While OnlyFans has seen an explosion in amateur performers also begin to capitalise on their nudes, like any venture establishing a relationship between sex and money, stigma remains.

Alam Wernik - OnlyFans star posing in underwear for Attitude mag
Alam Wernik wears hash rubberised jock strap by Rufskin, leather shirt and cap, Alam’s own (Photography: Harol Baez)

“I do see some negative messages, but I feel people don’t know who I am and how I live my life [get] to judge me”, Alam Wernik reflects.

“I don’t get mad at all. Maybe they want to be more like me and enjoy their body. I have people that I follow that I wish I was more like. And what I do is try to learn from them, rather than bad-mouth them or make them feel bad about themselves.

He adds: “Love, love, love…”


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