Tom Daley gives us a leg-day workout

Gyms in many places around the world may still be closed, but Tom Daley is doing his bit to keep us healthy by pumping out a series of home work-outs

The latest installment is a leg-day workout.

All you need is a pair of short shorts and a lot of enthusiasm. We’re motivated! Are you?

How to beat COVID19 lock-down and stay fit
All you need is a pair of shorts (well, not compulsory if you prefer nude) and a lots of enthusiasm. Be fit and stay healthy with Tom Daley exercise suggestions

Family life of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance-Black

World in general and gay communities in particular continue to be obsessed with the love story of Tom Daley and Dustin Lance-Black. It shows the positive potential of a platform such as Instagram that they’ve been able to share moments of their lives with the wider world. From the early days of their romance, to their wedding, their journey to starting a family together. And now celebrating each milestone with their son Robbie.

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black celebrate 8 years together this year.

“Eight years ago we met at a dinner, we lived on opposite sides of the pond and thought it was going to be impossible to make it work… but we did!” Tom Daley wrote in a heartfelt Instagram post.

“I am so grateful for all the memories, nearly four years of marriage and our darling son, Robbie! I love you xxx,” he added.

Thank you for every minute of it, my warrior monkey prince.

Dustin Lance Black wrote: “EIGHT YEARS of adventures, blurry naps, endless nights, sore faces from smiling, laughing, exhaustion from night feeds, baby tears. A family.”

He added: “Thank you for every minute of it, my warrior monkey prince,” alongside frog, heart and monkey emojis.

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Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black discussed having kids on first date

Tom Daley sent shock-waves through the LGBT+ community in the UK when he came out as gay in a YouTube video in 2013.

Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that he was dating Black, the award-winning screenwriter of Milk, which tells the story of trailblazing gay politician Harvey Milk.

The pair went on to tie the knot in 2017 and welcomed their son Robbie to the world in June 2018 via a surrogate.

Black opened up about how he and Daley broke all the rules on their first date and discussed their mutual desire to start a family.

“When I met Tom on our first date the idea of a family came up and I wasn’t leading the conversation”

“He was. And not only did we both discover that we really wanted a family. We broke another, if not all, of the first date rules and began naming our children on that bike ride. In fact, our first son has the name that we chose on that day, on our first date.”

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