What about Male Chastity? Satisfy your curiosity!

Male chastity has grown in popularity in recent years, with many more people having the “what is male chastity” moment than in the past. Even though so many people have heard of it, they often still don’t know very much about it. This article will try to satisfy your curiosity

Have you wound up here because some mentioned it? Are you a total beginner thinking about trying male chastity? Regardless here is a basic guide to some of the first things people want to know about male chastity!

Young man wearing stainless steel made chastity cage

The chance is that some time or another, some of us will look for something to make our sex lives more exciting. There are loads of different options out there. Just use your imagination. Follow your fantasies, even those you are hiding from yourself. Some gay men choose to turn to male chastity. Some straight men make the same choice but male chastity is much more prevalent among gay men.

“When you get down to basics, Male Chastity is about surrendering control of your penis to another.”

It can be your wife, more likely your gay boyfriend, or even a total stranger on the internet. Some men even enjoy chastity alone! Yes they do. Wearing male chastity (cock cage) is more than physical sensation. It goes much deeper and creates certain mental response.

What it means to surrender control of your penis?

What it means to surrender control can be vastly different from one man to another. And the shape your chastity pledge takes will change the things you enjoy about your experience.

Some men describe male chastity as “relaxing”. Being able to totally submit and let their partner take control leaves them free to focus completely on the pleasures the body hold.

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Others love to fill every desire of their partner, acting as the perfect slave. Of course the person holding the keys to the cage (often called the key-holder) gets to enjoy the life of luxury as they give the orders.

As you explore more and more aspects of male chastity you’ll find more pleasures to take enjoyment from. But for most men it all starts with a cock cage.

What Exactly Is a Cock Cage?

A cock cage, penis cage, or chastity cage is a great device. It keeps the penis trapped and removes a man’s ability to get an erection, have sex or even orgasm. Cock cages take a key role in the gay male chastity lifestyle. You can say that one chastity cage (cock cage) manages to satisfy two men. Submissive one is wearing it and giving control of his penis to his dominating partner – a key-holder.

Men have reported that wearing a cock cage helps them become more sensitive, kind, and mentally focused as their brains are not dominated by their constant erections and need to orgasm.

When you do have a full, unlocked orgasm after being denied for so long, it will be an absolutely powerful, amazing feeling more wonderful than any orgasm which you have ever experienced before.

Now I have more questions you say

Feminine gay wearing chastity cage (cock cage)

I thought you might! Over the years I have heard plenty of different questions from people new to male chastity. Here are some of the more common things you might be wondering. And, yeah, don’t feel shy to ask more questions in the comments section. I do read it – most of the time. Here we go

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How will wearing a cock cage improve my sex life?

Many men all around the world report that regularly wearing a cock cage leads to significant improvements in their sex life. They are less singularly focused on their own pleasure. Meaning that they are able to dedicate more time and mental energy to pleasing their partner. Just keep in mind that male chastity (cock cage) is classified as a kink or fetish. For that to work satisfactory both partners need to be into that particular play. It is almost inevitable to get some sort of role play connected to this kink or fetish. After all, that is common for all fetishes and kinks – to enjoy it you need to find partner who shares your fantasies.

What if my cock cage hurts or is uncomfortable?

If you feel any pain at all, remove your cock cage right away! Check the cage thoroughly for any breaks or cracks. Checking your penis (cock if you prefer it called that way) for any injuries or chafing is a must!

If everything seems in order, give your cage a cleaning and use plenty of lube the next time that you put it on. Usually, that will address the problem. If it persists, it is likely that your cage is not fitting properly and you should look into purchasing a new model. And, as many other things, it just might not work for you for whatever reason.

Two gay men wearing metal chastity cage
Do I need to use lube to put on my cock cage?

In general, it is recommended that you use lube the first few times you put on a new cock cage. Don’t “go lube-free” until you’ve gotten used to its fit and feeling. You might be submissive or even enjoy some pain but it is better if you get to use to this gradually.

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Can I urinate while wearing my cock cage?

Most cock cages feature a slit at the end which allows urine to be released. You can do your bathroom business just as normal!

Keep in mind that some men will have difficulty holding or manipulating their cocks while they are caged. They may wish to try peeing while sitting down rather than standing up. Apparently that is exactly what majority of caged men do. Again, it has physical and mental aspects and that is probably the reason for its popularity.

Do you wear the cage while you sleep?

This choice is entirely up to you! Naturally at some point most men will probably want to try keeping their cage on overnight, even if it isn’t recommended. Some men will have no issues, and can happily sleep wearing any cock cage they want. Others though can experience pain, trouble sleeping, chafing or other problems. In this case, you can still enjoy chastity as much as anyone. Just take the cage off before you sleep and put it back on in the morning.

I will return to this topic soon with more information and more answers on your questions. Your curiosity will be satisfied as I am collaborating with some very experienced caged guys.

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