Heirs of Narcissus – Homoerotic young Mario

I was tempted to publish it under “OMG he’s Naked” but changed my mind – To celebrate great photo model and great black & white photography. Believe it or not – these photos are seven years old. Mario Adrion is as homoerotic now as he was then. It is my pleasure to share these old photos of Mario Adrion – one of modeling stars today

Photos of now star model Mario Leon Adrion by Jimmy Walsh, August 2014.
Model Mario Adrion - black and white photo - nude
Nude homoerotic photo of Mario Adrioon - haked in black and white
Mario Adrion has done great job in maintaining his shape through these years. The only change I can notice is – his eyes. So boyish and innocent on this photo

These days Mario is not just one of the stars of male photo and fashion models scene, but also one of the stars of social media. I am planning to make a post covering his adventures on social media platforms soon. Till then enjoy great photos of Mario Adrion by photographer Jimmy Walsh.

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