Heirs of Narcissus – Homoerotic Young Blood

Jordy Baan, Alex Griesbach, Thomas Bussieres and Tony Pilato by Brian Jamie

Homoerotic young blood arrived to our Heirs of Narcissus edition. Before we start going through photos from today’s edition, let’s see what do we know about photographer.


Brian is a fashion & portrait photographer based in New York City.

As a former professional ballet dancer, he has an eye for capturing movement and energy, and has become known for creating dynamic photographs that combine both strength & athleticism with humanity & expression.

Focused on bringing beauty and a unique sense of character to the world of mens fashion, over the years he has forged a signature pop art style that is vibrant, bold, and often instantly identifiable.

His work has been featured in The New York Times, British Vogue, Vogue Paris, Dazed, Attitude, and GQ, among others. Clients include Sony Entertainment and Universal Music Group.

Let’s check this out

Young Blood by Brian Jamie
male body portrait by Brian Jamie
male portrait by Brian Jamie in black and white

I will make very short comments here. Young, talented and handsome models shining in front of a camera. Photographer is showing great skills. Brian Jamie is a big name among photographers involved with fashion industry.

Here is one more proof that black and white photography is superior when making body portraits. Great photographers as Brian Jamie know that well and use it to the very maximum.

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