The Hunter’s Path: Interview with Hunter Doohan

DAMAN chats with actor Hunter Doohan about his appearance in “Your Honor,” on working with his favorite actor and more. The Interview

American actor Hunter Doohan first became interested in acting during his high school days. Sounds like the American dream! He was lucky enough that his high school and community theater had great programs that helped shape him into the actor that he is today. Maybe it’s just pure luck, or perhaps, destiny. But Hunter Doohan went from being a fan of “Breaking Bad” into working together with the lead role of the iconic show.

The Los Angeles-based actor has come a long way from his hometown in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Not without a fight and plenty of determination. Doohan has paid his dues. And now he’s well on his way to becoming a good—nay, great—performer.

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DAMAN: Hi Hunter, great to have you with us. How are you doing these days?

Thank you for having me! I am doing well and just grateful to be safe and healthy right now.

What was growing up in Fort Smith, Arkansas, like for you? Also, have you always had Hollywood aspirations?

I loved growing up in Fort Smith. I try and go back as often as possible but this year’s holiday plans had to be a little different, so I’m missing my friends and family. And no, I haven’t. I was lucky to have great high school and community theatre programs that got me interested in acting during high school.

Can you tell us a b it about the drama series you’ve recently appeared in? “Your Honor”…

I’m so proud of this show! I keep telling people this is a show I genuinely would’ve been a fan of without any connection at all. I mean, it’s Bryan Cranston! So, Cranston plays Michael Desiato, a respected judge in New Orleans whose son gets involved in a deadly hit and run accident. At first, Michael knows they should go to the police, but they find out the boy who died is the son of the head of a vicious crime family. So, Michael is forced to cover up the crime to protect his son.

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Tell us about your character, Adam Desiato, and what you think about him…

Well, he’s no criminal mastermind, which is made pretty clear by the trail of evidence he leaves behind! [Laughs] Adam is a good kid at heart; but ultimately, he panics and makes a terrible mistake out of fear. I think anyone outside of the situation can look at what he does and clearly say it’s the wrong thing to do, but I understand why he decides to leave. Maybe it’s because I’ve spent so much time in Adam’s head, but I hope I was able to portray that as flawed as he is. He’s human and it’s a terrible, messy—but undeniably honest—reaction.

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We learned that “Your Honor” is an adaptation from the Israeli TV series “Kvodo.” Comparatively speaking, what can we expect from this new adaptation?

Yes! It’s such a great concept for a show and obviously I’m so glad they decided to adapt it here in the U.S. You can expect a version of the show that honors the original, but [series developer] Peter Moffat and the rest of the incredible creative team have come up with so many exciting twists that will definitely have viewers on the edge of their seats.

What was it like for you to work alongside Bryan Cranston?

Incredible. He’s amazing, both as an actor and as just a really great guy. I learned so much from him. And it’s great to be in a scene with him, because not only does he make you better but you know if you mess up they can always cut to him and it’ll be brilliant.

Are you a fan of him?

Absolutely! I’m a gigantic “Breaking Bad” fan.

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Hunter Doohan is currently dating his boyfriend Fielder Jewett. Hunter is gay and he has been dating his boyfriend for over two years. We are not certain when the relationship started but the first picture of the couple was shared on 10 June 2018.

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