5-Step Guide to Hiring Professional Gay Escorts

Everything you Need to Know – The ultimate Guide to hiring Professional Gay Escorts

By Leon Fox

You’re on your daily commute to the office. The train doors open and this gorgeous man comes walking into the car. You’re taken by his beauty, his radiance. You steal glances at him, dodging his eyes when he looks your way. But he catches you, and gives you a little smirk before exiting the car. You spend the rest of the day fantasizing about what could have been.

If you’ve ever had an experience like the one described above, then hiring a professional gay escort may be right for you.

Hi, my name is Leon Fox, and I’m a pianist, dancer, writer and life coach living in San Francisco, CA. I’m also a professional gay escort; and currently, I work for a gay escorting website, called mintboys.com. Back in May, 2018, I published the “The 5-Step Guide to Being a Gay Legal Escort in a Post-FOSTA World”, which is the sister piece to this one. Give it a read when you have a chance. You don’t need to be interested in becoming a professional gay escort for it to be applicable to your lifestyle.

To me, hiring escorts are a part of everyday life. They abound in society, just not in name. If “escorting” is “the act of guiding or accompanying”, then from my perspective, teachers escort their students to greater understanding through their studies, and doctors escort their patients to better health through their medical practice.

“The art of creating meaningful companionship…”

Professional gay escorts have a practice as well, which is the art of creating meaningful companionship through connection. It’s a powerful practice, and one that can change people’s lives forever; which is why I’ve written this guide. I hope it brings clarity and structure to the hiring process, for new and seasoned clients alike, and for the general public, it sheds a light on the fabulous benefits of the escorting arts.

Step One — Self-Evaluate

What do you want out of this experience? Ask yourself what form of connection are you seeking? What kind of time are you looking to spend?

The answer to these questions with help you determine what kind of escort of you want hire.

Nostalgia and Novelty

Is it memory, or manifesting a fantasy you’re after? Perhaps you’d like to recreate a past experience, or to explore a new kind of connection.

Physique and Personality

Do you want to spend time with someone tall, short, built, or slim? Someone who’s artistic, shy, outgoing or carefree? Perhaps you’re open to options and just want see who’s out there.

Event and Environment

Dinner and movie; going on a hike to a scenic spot; taking a romp through the city! Perhaps spending some more intimate time is what you’re seeking. Think about what would be special for you, and set that intention as you search.

Step Two — Learn How to Read the Menu

As you’re perusing the ads, look for profiles that have well-taken photographs and clear descriptions of the escort’s offerings of time. These are hallmarks of professional escorts, and are often the kind worth reaching out to.

Since this is an unregulated industry, anyone who’s 18+ years or older can create an ad on escorting sites. So it’s important that you’re aware of common warning signs of escorts you might want to avoid.

Profiles containing fuzzy photographs with outdated hair and clothing styles could indicate escorts who aren’t accurately depicting their current appearance. Poorly-written profiles with vague descriptions may also be a sign of escorts who aren’t taking this delicate and artful profession seriously.

With that said, however, know that there might be new escorts on the scene who are well-qualified in their abilities, but have yet to hone the craft of self-advertisement. Feel free to give anyone a holler that catches your eye. If they check out in your book, then proceed with booking some time.

Step Three — Communicate Clearly and Promptly

Prior to contacting your escort, have a concrete time in mind for your date. And if your schedule is tentative, let the escort know right off the bat, or simply wait to contact them until your availability has firmed up.

Here’s a great example of a message to send to escorts to kick-off conversations:

“Hi there. I found you on Mintboys, and wanted to see if you were free on the (date and time) to get together. Let me know your availability, and get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thanks so much.”

After the escort responds, I recommend getting them on the phone, or doing a quick FaceTime or Snapchat video to confirm the accuracy of their online photos. The escort will also appreciate being able to see you and knowing who to expect when going on the date. Use whatever communication style you prefer. And if you ever need to drop out of the correspondence, let the escort know. Respect their time, and expect that they respect yours.

Most importantly, be sure to state your intentions and expectations of the time you’d like to spend with escorts upfront. But be a gentlemen about it. Remember, this is a date, and the time spent with escorts is consensual. It takes two to tango, and learning how to dance is all part of the fun.

Step Four — Prepare to Be Accepted

Whether you’re a busy executive with no time for dating, or a curious connection-seeker exploring new forms of intimacy, it’s important you prepare yourself to be accepted by the escort you hire. It’s our job to accept you as you are, and it’s one we take great joy in doing. Sound too good to be true? Think back to when you’ve helped others feel accepted for who they are, and reflect on the joy it brought you. That joy for us escorts is one in the same.

Here’s an important question clients sometimes ask me, “Aren’t you just doing this because I’m paying you?”

And to that, I answer them, “Do doctors need to be physically attracted to or emotionally involved with their patients to want to heal their bodies? Do we question the authenticity of their care because we pay them for their expertise? So then, why question the authenticity of an escort’s care simply because it comes in the form of meaningful companionship?”

The whole point of hiring an escort is to get into the moment, and to enjoy your time with them to the fullest. Don’t fight it. Ease into it.

Furthermore, I invite you to consider the following: people are at their peak attractiveness when they exhibit due respect for the person they’re with. The same goes for spending time with an escort. Put this method into practice, you will have the best experience possible with your escort.

Step Five — Enjoy Yourself

It’s time for your date! Whether this is your first or fiftieth hiring, you might have butterflies in your stomach. And that’s natural. Honestly, the escort is probably feeling a little nervous as well. Everyone has some social anxiety, and that’s OK.

Here are some rules of thumb to keep in mind while you’re spending time with your escort: be yourself, relax, have fun, and check in ever now and then. Letting the escort know that their comfort is important to you will mitigate unneeded stress so that everyone can have a good experience.

Enjoy yourself. We’re here for it.

Thank you so much for reading this guide. Once again, my name is Leon Fox. Feel free to reach out to me on my TwitterInsta, or at leon@mintboys.com.

Onward and upward!

Acknowledgments: This article was first published in medium.com


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