Hot, talented, homoerotic model Nacho Penin in black and white photos

Here we come again. I cannot help myself but to comment about some advantages of black and white photography. At least when it comes to taking photos of nude or semi nude male body. In hands of a good photographer it highlights masculinity of the model.

Squarish jaws and eyes looking somewhere afar – beyond camera lens
Classical look and feel – like Antonio from old Roman days
Masculine body combined with a boyish face
Camera capturing drops of water on masculine body – perfect body and perfect photo

Versace casting picked Penin to walk for this season in Milan. It is a big brand and just as big challenge. Let’s wish him Good Luck!

Just as everything else, this photo session has it’s finish and it is right here. I hope you like this gift from me from Easter. This is one of sexiest Easter Bunnies I have ever observed.

Credits and Links

Photographer Alejandro Brito @alejandrobritob
Model Nacho Penín @nachopenin

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