!! OMG, he’s naked: Ho Vinh Khoa – OnlyFans

Vietnamese star Ho Vinh Khoa – an actor, singer and OnlyFans star and producer

!! OMG, he’s naked latest addition – Ho Vinh Khoa – OnlyFans star and producer collaborating with his boyfriend.

Ho Vinh Khoa is not our guest here for the first time. His first appearance on International Gay Guide was some years ago. In year 2015 to be precise. I could not find much information about him at that time. Just some photos of a cute and sexy young guy from Vietnam. Many things changed since then but Ho Vinh Khoa is as cute and sexy now as he was in 2015.

Here is the story from Ho Vinh Khoa:

As a child, I didn’t find any interest at all in school. It wasn’t for me. I felt out of place and I never connected to any of my teachers or my classmates. My school days were very unhappy. So, I spent most of my days by myself in the house. You could say I was a bit of a “loner” School was never for me.

What I really wanted to be was a singer. I dreamt about becoming famous and I thought it would make me happy. After graduation from school, I went after my dream. Spent my days working out, practicing, and meeting people I don’t even like to achieve my goal. I was really hard on myself. I started to feel burnt out and realized after years of striving to become a “star”, I felt unhappy again. It wasn’t fun for me anymore.

I never found that happiness I thought I would even with doing what I always dreamt about doing. My life was spiraling downhill with a dead end career paired with a nasty break up with my ex-boyfriend. Times were tough but I realized it was time for a change. Then I started to surround myself with positive people. I met new friends and started to travel, explore, say yes to everything. Soon I realized that things happen for a reason. I learned from my experiences and grew from them.

Have you ever asked yourself, how many hours a day you do what you love and you have to do something that you don’t like but to survive and for responsibility? Basically what I am trying to say is: OUR TIME IS LIMITED, DO WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY! Even just with those little things. At the end of the day, happiness is a choice.

Vietnamese gay star Ho Vinh Khoa - beach photo
gay photo model and star from Vietnam - Ho Vinh Khoa
Ho Vinh Khoa - naked on the beach with his horse
Nude Ho Vinh Khoa performing with his boyfriend

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