What is gay chastity, a chastity belt and cage?

Chastity cages, sometimes referred to as cock cages, are kinky sex toys popular in the LGBT+ BDSM community. These are used for erection and orgasm denial.

Modern chastity cages have their origins in chastity belts. First worn by women as far back as the 15th century. The heavy metal devices were used by men who were concerned their often much younger wives would sleep with other men.

Later, in the 19th and 20th centuries, they were used to prevent masturbation by women and girls. Self-pleasure was thought to cause physical and mental health problems.

Thankfully times have moved on, and chastity devices have now become popular among BDSM communities. With the advent of porn sites, cages for people with penises have become more and more common. Especially among gay and bisexual men.

As one anonymous chastity cage user explained for the Guardian: “Although they come in a multitude of sizes, colours and materials, all are designed to prevent the wearer from getting an erection.” Many people who wear it manage to have ejaculation without erection. Apparently it is very stimulating feeling.

What is the cock-cage structure?

These cages generally consist of three pieces: a ring that sits behind the testicles; a cage that fits tightly around the flaccid penis; and a lock to hold the two other components together.

While many people used chastity cages exclusively in the bedroom, for others chastity has become a lifestyle. Many of them also have diaries, recording all related events. I am not sure if there is any sort of competition but it is obvious that many are recording time of continuous wearing of cock-cage.

One anonymous submissive, who identifies himself online “SelfAuthoredSub”, told Out that he wears chastity cages in his day-to-day life.

He said that at the time he first tried chastity, he was filming and looking at a lot of porn, which is where he first saw men “wear chastity [cages] in their natural state, so underneath jeans or to work”.

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“It made me understand this wasn’t only a sex toy,” he said. “It was a way of life.”

He added: “The longest I’ve gone so far has been 430 days. At a certain point, I just forgot that the cage was there; it was just normalised.”

“When I’m going to the bathroom, I go to the stall and sit down. Because of the cage, I’m hyper aware of whether there’s any drippage or if anything gets on my pants.”

CagedJock, as he is known online, has become a figurehead for the growing community of gay chastity cage users, with more than 165,000 followers on Twitter.

He told Out: “The arousal factor for me is losing control and handing it over to your partner.

“A lot of people think practicing chastity [as a kink] means abstinence, and that’s not true. It’s not about totally denying sex or cumming, it’s about letting your partner decide how and when that happens.”

Locked Up: Inside the Community of Gay Men Who Are Into Chastity

*Links and embedded content in this story may be NSFW.

In his first video to go massively viral, CagedJock — as he’s known to his 170,000 followers across Instagram and Twitter — is at home, fresh from the gym. He steps in front of the camera wearing a body-hugging grey athletic top and matching camouflage running tights. First, he strips off the shirt to show off his sculpted chest and upper torso. Then, he poses for a moment before removing the tights to reveal a completely transparent Holy Trainer v2 chastity device around his genitals.

The scintillating clip from 2015 began to stamp him as one of the faces of chastity online. Though, at the time, he posted anonymously. It racked up over 100,000 notes on Tumblr. That is excluding the posts where others had ripped and re-posted the video, before it was ultimately removed from the platform four months later. To be fair, at the end of the video, CJ turns around for the final reveal: a butt plug. Over time, posts like these made CagedJock not only an educator about the centuries-old technique-turned-kink of orgasm denial, but also an agent of change, warping ideas about Asian sexuality and what it means to be locked.

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The origins of chastity

Chastity has many forms. Some are mental and some device-driven. With the latter, the origins of the chastity belt are disputed. The belt harkens back to the Middle Ages. According to Vi Johnson, founder of the Carter/Johnson Library & Collection, a resource on fetish history and literature. Allegedly used by men on their wives before going off to war to ensure fidelity, chastity belts would lead to infections due to a lack of cleanliness and personal hygiene, sometimes resulting in death.

Although they are mentioned in the Middle Ages, some historians argue that references to the belts were possibly metaphorical. The earliest examples of devices, in this latter telling, date to the 18th and 19th centuries.

The internet has proven to be both a way for people to discover chastity and engage in it. While online, people now coagulate around Twitter accounts from users like CJ and john (and @RuffledSheets, which reviews cages), as well as sites like ChastityLocked and LockedMen.

Some find and maintain keyholders through the web. In these cases, for longer term locks, some submissives will mail their keys to long-distance keyholders, while others utilize tools like numbered, plastic seals that are confirmed to still be in place via random photo update requests — these updates are verified by timestamp metadata in the images.

Many effects of wearing cock-cage

“Being locked is one of the ultimate services a boy can provide. It is mostly a mental thing.” Many have a spare key on hand for emergencies and some cages can simply be pulled off. But having a cage around the genitals also becomes a much-needed point of conversation on apps like Grindr or Scruff if hooking up is the intention. “I have a three point explainer,” john says for chats on apps. “It bottles up my horniness so I want to serve you more. It makes me focus not on my penis but only on my [ass] so I can feel how you’re fucking me. And also it makes the entire thing about you.”) But the practice also has a latent effect on the body in other ways.

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“Being caged for so long gives you a lot of energy, stamina, and testosterone build-up.You have all of this sexual energy you cannot release. So you go to the gym.” For john, that’s an unending process of building a better body as a tool of service to men. CJ has goals set out for him by an owner that pays for fitness classes. The result turns some caged boys into Adonises with cock-cages. You would expect to see genitals, similar to the first photo CJ saw that triggered his exploration. As for the effects on the essentials? CJ, john, and Calin say that being in chastity, even long term, does not cause long term effects to penis mass.


There is variety of cock-cages available. You can get them in Adult shops or order them on-line. It is very important to be health aware when using these devices.

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