New talent – model Nachno Penin – Colour Version

In this era of social media new photo models are being discovered almost daily. Will it lead to the inflation of male models? Will that affect modelling industry. I don’t think that anyone knows answer to these questions. One thing is generally common for this situation – many of these models last very short time. At the end of the day, they might need agencies more than ever. Being discovered on Instagram is just the very first step. It does not guarantee longevity on the scene.

Let’s face it, there are literally millions of young talented and good looking guys out there. And many of them are willing to join modeling community and make career. Nacho Penin is just one of them.

Nacho was signed in Spain by Sight Management. He is also with Pop House agency. And he is now with IMG Models. He definitely has the look required for successful male photo model. However, that is not necessary enough. His talent is yet to be tested under different conditions and with different photographers etc. I am sure his agents will take good care of him as well. After all, that is in their best interest as well.

Let’s see some photos of this good looking young man.

New male models scene - Nacho Penin - face colour photo
Photo model Nacho Penin - colour photography in swimwear

Versace casting picked Penin to walk for this season in Milan. It is a big brand and just as big challenge. Good Luck Nacho!

Credits and Links

Photographer Alejandro Brito @alejandrobritob
Model Nacho Penín @nachopenin

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Black and white photos of Nacho Penin are coming soon.

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