Good Morning! Exactly one week ago I started looking at available gay adult stars and content providers. I must admit it is an enormous task to keep an eye on all of them. New stars and adult content providers are popping up every day. And literally so.

There are some problems that I perceive in reporting from that “market”. I would not like to publish things without consent whenever it is possible. Even things that are out there in the public being posted and re-posted. At the moment only some entertainers of gay adult industry are covered by this news. I am planning to start series presenting new arrivals to the scene. For that I am having to contact them and see if they are willing to participate. That takes time. I will keep you posted.

Right! Let’s see what can be reported as we enter the second week of this series?

1. Armond Rizzo

Armond Rizzo is a male pornstar who mainly stars in gay porn movies. He is a hottie from the Illinois suburbs of Chicago

2. Austin Avery

Austin Avery@AustinXAvery

Queer Provocateur.

Bareback Aficionado.

explicit posts

For full content-


3. Austin Sugar

There’s a lot to admire about Austin Sugar.

Based in London, Austin has filmed with a number of studios, and is also creating super-hot content for his fan-subscription channels.

He’s also got a very strong moustache game.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate every inch of this impressive man.

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