Heirs of Narcissus – Homoerotic Photography III

Alexander Cruz by Tony Veloz – II

One day, Echo followed Narcissus through the woods as he hunted for stags. She longed to speak to him but dared not utter the first word. Overhearing her footsteps, the youth cried out, ‘Who’s there?’ to which she responded, ‘Who’s there?’ When at last she revealed herself, she leapt to embrace Narcissus, but he scorned her and cast her off. Echo spent the rest of her days pining for Narcissus, and slowly withered away until there was nothing left of her but her voice.

Black and whit photo of male model Alexander Cruz for heirs of Narcissus - homoerotic photography
Beautiful as Narcissus - model Alexander Cruz - color homoerotic photography
Model Alexander Cruz naked - beautiful as Narcissus - homoerotic black and white photography

Both, model – Alexander Cruz and photographer Tony Veloz have shown great qualities and professionalism. Photos are impressive and have very homoerotic feeling to them.

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