Aldo Rossi Photography – “Neoclassical”

Aldo Rossi, a big league fashion shooter, employs a simple style. Using only natural light with no modifications to sculpt his subjects. It’s stunning male figurative work.

It is with great pleasure to present some photo works of Aldo Rossi photography. I am a big fan of using black and white technique for taking photos of human body. However, not just any black and white technique. Aldo Rossi is demonstrating what is right way for this type of photography. Let’s see some examples here:

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I have to comment on the third photo above (one on the right) – good example of a skilled photographer. What makes this photo more homoerotic than, say, other two photos next to it?

Definition of “erotic” – If you describe something as erotic, you mean that it involves sexual feelings or arouses sexual desire.

Collins Dictionary

In my opinion, that photo is more homoerotic because of a very small detail. Showing just a touch of male model’s pubic hair. As they say, the devil is always in small details. Good and bad. Aldo Rossi is showing exceptional ability to create certain feeling about his photos. And, let’s face it, nude photos of either male or female are there to create certain erotic feelings. Unless they are taken for use in anatomy books. Let’s see more

Details are the answer

I cannot help myself and have to comment on the photo above. Two important details. Manhood is covered by hand but is showing just a bit of pubic hair. Viewer is not sure is model’s pubic hair shaven (not so freshly though) or not. Photographer is challenging our imagination. The only logical imagination in this case is homoerotic one. Another detail is showing how masculine is model – very distinct muscle. Aldo Rossi proves to be a master of details again. Please tell me if my comments are boring you. Let’s see more of Aldo Rossi photography

I urge you to try to imagine the third photo (on the right) in color. Why? Chances are that beauty of model’s body would be lost in colorful surroundings. That photo is showing full beauty of men’s body. Or at least the beauty of that men’s body. You probably would not enjoy seeing me in that type of photo. He is slim and masculine with beautiful long legs. And very homoerotic buns.

Less is MORE. Good homoerotic photos always leave space for imagination

I am convinced that you have enjoyed homoerotic photography of Aldo Rossi. I am not sure the same applies for my comments. Well, nothing is perfect. Take your time and look for details. Listen to your senses. What do you feel?

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