Rising Star Sergio Stipa – Italian Photo Model

Hailing From Tuscany, Rising Star Sergio Stipa Unpacks Beginnings, Modeling Hits And Confidence

By Chidozie Obasi

Italian rising star on male photo models scene – Sergio Stipa – interview and some fresh photos. Check it out! He works for Elite Modelling Agency

Exactly, that was the sound of your jaw hitting the floor. Trust – there’s no need to feel sorry. It’s a struck of luck, then, that we get to know model-sensation Sergio Stipa. He got us all hooked by arriving like a tropical rain after a lingering drought. I mean, could we really ask for more? In all likelihood, if you questioned it, you probably have no idea what he looked like.

Sergio Stipa – Total look Dior
Model Sergio Stipa
Suit: Etro
Sunglasses: Ermenegildo Zegna

Not a figure of imagination, but an emanation of potential, with an ever-growing fanbase. The Tuscany-hailed model is primed for prominence. Explaining the start of his career, Stipa says,

It has been a big surprise because I didn’t expect to work this much, but it has been such a nice journey so far. As far as I’ve been in fashion, I don’t remember any particular burden,

A person from Elite Model Management saw me during summer while I was in my fourth year of High School, but it was a little too early for me to work in this crazy reality. We then met again the summer of the following year and at that point I was ready to start a new chapter and manage this job.”

Getting deeper in conversation

The moment we dive-deep into the conversation, what’s remarkable about this chap is how unassumingly chirpy his manner is. His eyes stare, laugh, evade, and long the same way. He’s always been one for doing his own thing “I tried to make the most of my journey to this date, and I’ve spent my time with the people I love: my family, I stayed positive and did many things at home every day to be active and not surrender,” he cheerfully says.

Sergio Stipa
Total Look Dior
Sergio Stipa
Ermenegildo Zegna

Stipa is tall, graceful, and wearing white on neutral-hued bottoms. Oh, and with his unique appeal, the young model has picked up support from tastemakers in the French and Italian scene. With the success of the Jacquemus Summer 2019 campaign, Stipa kept an effortless balance between his studies and career edge. He says he loves fashion, which makes sense.

He then draws a picture of how he envisions the modern media landscape which, on a modeling level, plays a major role in present times. “Social media, most especially Instagram, in some ways is part of my job so I always try to enjoy it; I don’t feel the competition with other people from my channel and that might be the key to a healthy use of social media,” he asserts, “I just live my life and post contents that really represents me at my best! It’s for sure a very powerful voice that should be used only for good purposes.

Important role of social media

He’s kind of right; it’s all about how one deals with it. With much attention given to the media renaissance in recent years, it’s time for the spotlight to widen to other exciting talents, and Stipa is stepping up to lead the burgeoning charge of models in unrelenting tempo. With this in mind, his inspiration comes from the many little things that pitched into his personal growth. “Always keep humbleness to the core and don’t believe in the stereotypes of fashion; just enjoy it, be confident, and try to experience it on your skin before jumping into quick decisions.” His vision is set to soar high, and we’re here for it.

Sergio Stipa
Sergio Stipa
Necklace: Futuro Remoto / Trousers: Skill Officine

Talent: Sergio Stipa @sergio.stipa at Elite Modeling Agency @elitemodelworld
Photography and Creative Direction: Giuseppe Riserbato @giusepperiserbato
Stylist: Stefano Guerrini @stefano_guerrini
Stylist Assistant: Salvatore Pezzella @sasy_pess, Greta Tedeschi @gretatede
Grooming: Valeria Stefanelli @valeriastefanelli_mua
Brands: Dior, Ermenegildo Zegna, Etro, Futuro Remoto, Skill_officine
Location courtesy of TED Milano by Ilaria Ferraro Toueg @tedmilano

Do you want to see more of Sergio Stipa? I published some of his photos just recently. You can check it out by following THIS LINK. Enjoy!

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