What are the best gay erotic fiction stories today? Do you have a gay erotic story to tell? The history of gay erotic fiction and history of gay homoerotic cartoon. It is all here. Enjoy reading!

There’s not exactly a New York Times’ best-seller list for gay erotic fiction books, but we can get a sense of what’s selling well by looking at Amazon’s rankings in the gay erotic fiction category.

Here’s what’s currently in the Top 10 of best-sellers for gay erotic fiction:

1. Good Boy by Jayda Marx

This is puppy-play romance with Zack and Blake.

2. Forced Gay by Dick Salaman

Short stories about men forced to try new things.

3. Baby Boy by Athena Steller

Avery is failing at being an adult and on the verge of collapsing when he meets a man who offers him the chance of a lifetime.

4. Pretty Baby by Athena Steller

Caleb has been hiding his true self for so long that he isn’t sure who he is anymore. He’s not the brat he portrays. He’s not confident like others think. Caleb is just a shy boy, who loves pretty things, and animals. No one stays long enough to learn who Caleb really. How could he trust any of them to show his deepest secret?

5. Fire and Ice by Aiden Bates

A straight guy falls in love with a gay guy.

6. Romance Erotica by Lilly Kelly

A collection of short stories. It’s not clear how many of these are M/M – could be a bit of a mixed bag.

7. Lost Boy by Athena Steller

Mitch knew he was a boy the first time he observed a submissive over a Dom’s knee getting his ass reddened. That was years ago and even though Mitch never found a Daddy of his own, he knew what he wanted. Or at least he thought he had. Now one man will change how Mitch looks at his life and what is truly important. Maybe Mitch
isn’t as lost as he’d thought.

8. Denial by Ki Brightly

Seems like a Master/Bad Boy power play, but they fall in love.

9. Snatch by Marie James

This is a straight-to-gay story set in a motorcycle club.

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10. Just A Bit Wrecked by Alessandra Hazard

A plane crash. A homophobe and a gay man stranded together on a desert island. A love born out of hatred, need, and mutual desperation.

Top 10 updated as at 19 February 2021

Gay erotica or M/M?

Most erotic fiction that’s published about man-on-man action is actually written by women for women – this genre is described as M/M or MM fiction.

If you’re looking for proper hard-core guy-on-guy action written by guys for guys, then you need to do the research to make sure that the erotic fiction you’re reading will properly fuel your fap fantasies.

Got a story to tell? We want to read your erotic fiction!

Ever fancied writing some erotic fiction?

This could be your chance.

Send us your original erotic fiction and – if it meets our criteria – we’ll pay you £50.

What’s the criteria?

  • Word count: Minimum of 1,000 words. There’s no set maximum, but general guidance would be no more than 2,500.
  • You have to mention Gaydar (the online dating platform) somewhere in your story. Gaydar needs to be presented in a positive light.
  • It needs to be of sufficient quality that our readers will understand and enjoy your story.
  • The story has to be your original work – not plagiarised or copied from anywhere.

What can I write about?

  • We want stories about erotic encounters between men.
  • It can be as sexual and explicit and as filthy as you like.
  • You can explore any fantasies that rock your world – as long as it’s not illegal in the UK.

Where will it be published?

  • Your story will be published here on Means Happy
  • Each story will have it’s own unique URL, so you’ll be able to share it on your social media channels – if you want to.

Who owns the copyright?

  • You retain ownership of the story.
  • Our payment is to licence it so we can publish it on Means Happy.
  • You are welcome to publish the story elsewhere, at your discretion.
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Can I be anonymous?

  • Yes, you can use a pen-name or we can just mark it as an anonymous contribution.
  • If you want your name on it, that’s cool. We can link to your Twitter profile or anything that you’re wanting to showcase.

Where do I send it?

  • Email your submission to
  • We’ll acknowledge receipt and give you initial feedback on your submission within 24 hours.

How do I get paid?

  • Once we confirm that your submission meets our criteria and has been accepted, we’ll pay you £50 via PayPal.
  • Payment will be immediate.

When can I submit my story?

  • Submit it now!
  • Get writing, we’re ready to receive your submission.
  • We can’t wait to read all about your fantasies!

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What’s the history of gay erotic fiction?

While there have been examples of queer erotic fiction throughout literary history, it was in the early 1960s that things really began to take off.

The US had been producing ‘pulp fiction’ since the 1930s. Pulp fiction was the term used to refer to cheap-to-produce paperback novels that were sold in train stations and grocery stores. These were designed to catch the eye, with vivid cover art and sensationalist plots and subject matters. While a small number of these early pulp fiction novels had queer themes, the strict censorship laws in the US at that time kept any explicit man-on-man sex out of pulp fiction until the mid-1960s.

While some of the queer fiction paperbacks that were published in the US following the relaxation of censorship rules did tackle serious stories and character development, most of them were explicitly pornographic – designed to create a sexual response from their readers. These were stories that were written to get you hard and get you off.

Erotic gay fiction today

The rise of the internet has obviously changed the distribution landscape for queer erotic fiction. Online portals such as Nifty provide access to a wealth of stories in all sorts of genres. Plus, the emergence of self-publishing platforms such as Kindle Direct has given authors of queer erotic fiction an accessible way to create, distribute, and monetise their work.

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It’s easy to dismiss queer pulp fiction as low-brow writing – lacking in any real creative or intellectual merit. While this style of writing is probably unlikely to win any literary awards or to change the world, writing a story that is coherent, has some sense of narrative, and is also erotic and arousing is not as easy as you might imagine.

What’s interesting is that despite the huge proliferation of gay porn images, GIFs, and videos that can be easily accessed online, there is still a market for queer erotic fiction. There is an audience – there are people out there who like to read about guy-on-guy encounters, to have their imaginations fired up as well as their libidos.

Queer pulp fiction stories may not be the kind of work that will one day win the Pulitzer Prize, but they’re a great demonstration of the power of words and the power of imagination.

What’s the history of gay cartoons?

There’s obviously been examples of the celebration of gay men throughout the world’s known history – with plenty of examples from the Ancient Greeks and the Ancient Romans onward. However, it wasn’t really until around the mid-20th century that graphic artists began to find an outlet and an audience for work that focused on gay men.

Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen) is obviously one of the best known names, with his work distributed by Bob Mizer’s Physique Pictorial. From the 1970s onwards, it was really the work of manga artists in Japan that began to realise the potential and build the audience for graphic art, comics, and novels that focused on gay men.

The manga sub-genre of Yaoi tends to be fairly romantic boy-on-boy stuff – aimed more at a female audience – whereas the sub-genre of Bara focuses on big, burly, masculine guys.

Today, you can see a real mix of styles emerging – with everything from romance, relationships, science fiction, fantasy, and hard-core porn.

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