HOMOEROTIC DOSAGE: William & Alec Bryars

Models: William Bryars & Alec Bryars

Photographer: Michelle Lancaster

Homoerotic Photos of William and Alec Bryars by Photographer Michelle Lancaster

This is very nice presentation of some truly homoerotic photos. I believe that black and whites are a bit more homoerotic than color ones. However, I am heavily biased lover of black and white photography.

What is “homoerotic”? According to the Oxford Languages definitions it is:

“concerning or arousing sexual desire centered on a person of the same sex. “homoerotic images”

What is Homoeroticism?

Homoeroticism is sexual attraction between members of the same sex, either male–male or female–female. The concept differs from the concept of homosexuality: it refers specifically to the desire itself, which can be temporary, whereas “homosexuality” implies a more permanent state of identity or sexual orientation. Wikipedia


“Homoeroticism” and “homosociality” designate sometimes opposed but ultimately interdependent concepts. Whereas the notion of the homoerotic refers to same-sex desire, some treatments of homosocial institutions and practices emphasize segregation by sex that lacks or disavows any sexual component. Yet the terms, like the ideas and activities they seek to represent, are often revealingly elusive. If a gay bar, men’s bathroom, and college fraternity house are all homosocial male spaces, is it clear that only the first allows for homeroticism?

Might spaces and events constructed in part to isolate women from heterosexual interaction, such as girl’s schools, slumber parties, and convents, nevertheless encourage homoerotic fantasies, and even sexual relations, between women? Although early-twentieth-century African American lodges or the Chinatown “bachelor societies” created by restrictive immigration policies were most explicitly defined by racial segregation, such same-sex societies may have also served to complicate or clarify the sexual identities of their inhabitants. Investigations of the mutable relationships between the homoerotic and homosocial attempt to illuminate such questions. Where homoerotic photos fit in all that?

We can observe some 12 photos here. Are they really homoerotic photos or just the ordinary ones. If they are homoerotic photos – what makes them into that category? What sets the difference between “ordinary” photos of two guys, photos of two guys intimately touching each other and photos of two nude guys? I am curious to find out where that border line might be.

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