20 Asian Male Photographs by West Phillips

Photographer West Phillips wants to challenge stereotypes

Photographer West Phillips has taken many photographs. Most of his photographs are of Asian male. He specialized in that sort of photography. His works have been published by many magazines and Internet sites. Including quite many gay outlets. Photographer West Philips is determined to fight some stereotypes about Asian guys. Particularly about Asian gay guys. Let’s see some of his photos followed by his comments on the topic. We might or might not agree with his opinions. However, his photographs are very nice. And his models are beautiful.

How many times have you seen a fit and sexy shirtless guy in the mainstream media? Adverts, commercials, film, and TV? Now, how many of them have been Asian male? The truth is, while it may be slowly changing, it’s still quite rare to have a non-Caucasian front and center, and even more rare for it to be an Asian male.

“We are so used to seeing these absurd and offensive stereotypes about Asian male. Whether it’s the comedic role with an exaggerated accent or the computer/science nerd. We have been fed this image and idea that somehow Asian men are lesser than their non-Asian counterparts and undesirable. Through my own eyes and art, I find that ridiculous and unacceptable. I want to break that stereotype about Asian male”

Photographer West Phillips spent years traveling the world, chasing adventure, and finding what seems to be an endless supply of handsome and fit subjects to photograph. He worked with various modeling agencies and underwear brands. And he built his name around photographing physique and fitness models from Miami to Taipei. 

I must admit that this short journey was quite pleasant. However, I might be biased as these guys are exactly my type. What do you think?

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