Marcin Michal Stasiowski – More than just big c..

Young Polish male photo model in a spotlight thanks to some (rather impressive) nude photos

I had to share these photos when I found them out there on the Internet. I didn’t know who this guy was. It seems he’s a pretty famous male model and has been caught showing off his rather impressive manhood.

His nude photos were published on this site in December last year. It was rather routine post with some spicy nude photos. It was obvious that he was gifted with an impressive manhood. Well, I guess he is not the only one out there. I publish that sort of photos quite regularly. He left some homoerotic feeling on published photos. However, it was just another of more than thousand posts published on the site.

Quite recently I realized that post with Polish model Marcin Michal Stasiowski got more than ordinary interest from visitors to the site. Because of that, I started little search about him on Internet. You can imagine how impressed was I when on one search engine post about him on this site was ranked number one! Going through many of his photos, I realized that young Polish guy has more photo model qualities than just rather large and thick penis.

For those who did not see the original post, here is the link

Young Polish male photo model, Marcin Michal Stasiowski is more than just another photo model. That is my opinion, at least. Not that I have anything against photo models posing nude. I post quite many of these nude homoerotic photos on this site. However, for some reason I feel obliged to present you this model in a different light. I am sure he deserves it.

body portrait of photo model Marcin Michal Stasiowski -
Homoerotic photo of Marcin Michal Stasiowski – Poland

Martin Michal Stasiowski is very well built male photo model. He has a pleasant appearance and something homoerotic in his eyes. Certainly well presented. His modeling career started some time ago and he scored quite well. I would say he deserve good score as a model.

Model Martin Michal Stasiowski - pretty face

Martin looks somehow optimistic on this photo. He knows how to pose for a good photograph. Credits also go to photographer who managed to capture the moment.

Is it just me, or Martin has that natural homoerotic look. I am not sure is it his body appearance or his face. Actually eyes – not looking direct to camera. And let me tell you, I love his black and white photos. You are good model Martin but you should also stick with that photographer. He knows how to make sexy (homoerotic for me) black and white photos and how to adjust lighting etc.

One of my favorite photos of Martin – it is all in one – boyish, masculine, erotic…
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