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It is almost twelve months since we started experiencing bouts of quarantine measures. Many people around the world including gay population, started working from home. Holidays were cancelled, local gyms closed and access to many sport facilities limited. In spite of a rapid vaccination, we don’t know how long will this situation last. Fitness is important part of health in gay population lifestyle. Many gay people from my circle have stopped exercising and are more house-bound than ever. Friend of mine suggested the other day to write post about keeping fit during quarantine. Here it is. Make no mistakes, I am not an expert on this topic. Gay health without fitness is just not complete.

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Foldable Exercise Bike – ‘Best Quarantine Purchase’

Plus, it’s easy to tuck away when it’s not in use

If you love sweating your way through a good cycling class, then giving up the studio and getting into a home workout groove over the past year has likely been a challenge. When it comes to investing in an fitness exercise bike to use at home, you not only have to consider the price. For many it is also important how much space it’ll take up. That’s why many gay shoppers have turned to the Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike. One model they say solves both of those problems in one. It is inexpensive, will keep you fit and maintain good health.

The fold-out upright bike  is designed so that it can easily be tucked away in between uses. With a US$200 price tag, it costs a fraction of what other options do. And best of all, it has an impressive 11,000 five star ratings, with some gay shoppers calling it their “best quarantine purchase.”

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It may not have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive fitness models. The seat height can only be adjusted three levels, while the handlebars stay in one spot. It does offer some customizability for your workouts. It has eight different levels of tension, so you can increase or reduce resistance according to your preferences. And you can keep track of your time, distance, calories burned, and heart rate with on the handy LED screen. When it comes to tracking your health and fitness then you might consider buying a smartwatch. We have publish some test results for smartwatches

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As many more people are working towards leading much healthier lives, the role of fitness trackers is increasing

Is it worth trying?

“It doesn’t wobble, makes virtually no noise (that’s just my knees) and the resistance goes up high enough to be a real workout. The top levels are hard enough for good HIIT sessions. Unless you are REALLY used to doing hill climbs and so on,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “Is it the same as a Peloton or a fancy spin bike? Nope, but it’s also less than 10 percent of the price.”

Over 400 reviewers specifically mentioned how well-suited Exerpeutic’s bike is for small spaces. With a few adding that the size of the bike doesn’t negatively impact its sturdiness. In fact, the machine has a weight limit of 300 pounds and can accommodate tall riders. Well — though it’s worth noting, one reviewer says  that the lowest seat height setting is just a little too high for riders shorter than 5 feet.

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If you have reservations that this extra affordable bike won’t last the test of time, rest assured that its quality is still impressive. “I purchased this bike on xxxxx,” wrote another gay shopper. “It became a real lifesaver once osteoarthritis of the hip made it difficult to use the equipment at the gym, and even more so when the gym had to shut down due to Covid-19. It’s been steadfast, sturdy, and reliable through it all.”

I must admit that information I am presenting here is from the second hand. I also intentionally have not mentioned where tis product can be bought. Purpose of this post is not to sell or advertise. Purpose is to get our gay shoppers start thinking about exercise. It might not be suitable for hard core fitness enthusiast but should be fine for an ordinary gay bloke during quarantine.

This Under Desk Elliptical Lets You Workout While Working From Home 

Getting a cardio workout in during the day may feel impossible in between virtual meetings and working from home. Gay shoppers know this struggle all too well, and they’ve  found a piece of workout equipment they can use without even leaving their desks.

Thousands of shoppers “absolutely love” the Stamina Inmotion Elliptical, which is a compact, under-the-desk machine. It lets you perform cardio workouts while working from home. That convenience sets it above the rest, bumping it to the top of gay fitness enthusiasts list of best-selling elliptical training machines. The mini elliptical has over 5,000 five-star ratings and 3,892 positive reviews from happy shoppers who call it an “absolute lifesaver” and the “best pandemic purchase yet!”

The small elliptical has a simple, no-frills design that shoppers particularly like. At 24 pounds, the elliptical is easy enough to move in and out from under a desk without hassle. It has two pedals that move in a circular motion, providing a low-impact workout that’s easy on the joints. It can be used while standing or seated. 

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As for its sweat-inducing powers, reviewers are adamant: You can “feel the burn” in the torso and lower body. It’s all thanks to a tension dial that allows you to increase the workout intensity — and they say just a few clicks is all you need. 

Well, you even have a choice of color available folks.

This is pretty much my first attempt to post something of this sort. Let’s keep our gay community fit and healthy as we go through quarantine.

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