Male Nude Body – In Black and White – II

Nude Male Photography Tips

Photographing the male form isn’t all that dissimilar from photographing the female form. There are some male-specific tips to consider when creating male nude photography.

When working with nude male models, never, ever touch them unless you have express permission from them.

Nude male photography in black and white. Naked male model laying on a rock

If you feel as though you need to direct the model (say, to have the model in the photo above dip his left shoulder), do so by verbalizing what you’d like them to do or simply demonstrate the best nude poses for him. If you must touch the model, they must give you permission to do so first.

Male model is not nude on this photo but his pubic hair is representing nudity

 It’s best to use a modeling agency to find male models that are comfortable posing in the nude. When working with an agency, the more specific you can be about the needs of your photo shoot, the better.

The above photo was taken from right angle showing Moon in the background. However, it is unclear what was the focal point of the photo.

Photo is rather a silhouette - nude male model standing on a stone in a horizon

Nude Male Photography Tip: Models Don’t Have to Be Totally Nude !

You have the ability to highlight the male form without the model being completely nude.

Additionally, having clothing on can actually make the shot more sensual. It helps direct the viewer’s attention to the parts of the body you want them to view while also creating some playful mystery as to what the rest of the model’s physique might look like.

I guess it was enough of my blabbing about photography for the time being. Hopefully, we will have a chance to continue.

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All photos published in this post are of Logan Swiecki Taylor. Photographer is Hubert Pouches. Published by RUFSKIN.

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