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Let’s check what is new in the gay only adult entertainment industry. COVID19 spilled from 2020 is still having millions locked and lonely. For gay population this gay only adult entertainment is more attractive than ever. Let’s get some exclusive adult industry news! Here we go:

Falcon/NakedSword Signs Newbie Dean Young to Exclusive Contract

Top gay content producer Falcon/NakedSword has announced that it has signed an exclusive agreement with 22-year-old gay adult performer and internet model Dean Young to appear exclusively in Falcon/NakedSword features.

With a face that rivals those of today’s hottest Hollywood stars, this 5’7”, 140-pound stud hails from Belfast, Ireland and has attracted legions of fans on the internet. Worshiping his sculpted physique; uncut cock and well-formed ass. Young, a gay bottom who loves to show off for the camera. He is expected to become quite a star.

Young’s debut scene arrives on next Wednesday, February 3, 2021. He appears with Josh Moore is a scene entitled “The Weekend.” Young was originally cast and slated to debut in Falcon’s The Chalet, shot in Austria. His scene was canceled when the Falcon crew had to pack their equipment overnight and head back to the U.S. due to COVID travel restriction. Recently, the Falcon/NakedSword production team were able to schedule Young to shoot in Europe. They offered to begin his exclusive contract with the company with the new scene. “The Weekend” is directed by award-winner Alter Sin.

Falcon Exclusive

“I’m delighted that we finally got to film Dean Young for We now get to debut him as another stunning and charming Falcon/NakedSword Exclusive,” stated company president Tim Valenti. “We’ve had interest in bringing on Dean as an exclusive for over a year. We wanted to be safe and be sure that his debut was fitting of the exceptional talent that he is. I couldn’t be happier with the result. Dean is phenomenal; he brings an amazing sexual energy and youthful enthusiasm, and he’s going to wow fans around the world.”

“For the past few years, I’ve really wanted to be a porn star, and starting in the industry as a Falcon/NakedSword Exclusive is even beyond my wildest dreams,” said Dean Young. “I am honored to be part of the Falcon family and thrilled to have the opportunity to travel more of the world, work with amazing, talented people and do what I love doing. The team at Falcon/NakedSword have been wonderful, and it’s a blessing to get to work with them and the entire roster of models.” It is great to hear that gay adult industry is attractive for new adult stars.

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When Young isn’t traveling the world shooting porn or doing underwear photo shoots, he loves going to the gym, hiking the mountains in Ireland and relaxing in Belfast with his French bulldog.

Are we witnessing a new gay porn star discovery? We would love to publish this latest gay porn star photos. The gay adult industry welcoming this new star.

Dean Young is available for appearances. Booking inquiries can be made through Falcon VP Marketing Toby J. Morris, at To learn more about Young, fans can follow him on Twitter @deanyoung__ and on Instagram @itsdeanyoung.

By Robert Neuwave

Jack Mackenroth & Dolf Dietrich Talk JACK’DOLF Smut Factory

Fetish Force Stands on ‘a Platform of Sex Positivity’

LOS ANGELES—In the middle of the summer of 2020, Dolf Dietrich passed another masked, muscular hunk on the stairs at his gym. The stranger said hello, calling Dietrich by his real first name. Confused, Dietrich initially played it cool.

“I did not recognize him because of the mask. It’s very difficult to ‘see’ people these days,” he smiles, noting the two soon quickly went about their way. “So I went up to him later before I left and I said, ‘Who are you? I feel like I know you.’ And he goes, ‘It’s Jack,’ and he pulls down his mask for a second.”

The story prompts a laugh from Jack Mackenroth, the man now sitting next to him as the two recall the incident.

“We had a brief conversation about our mutual disgust with Trump, and then we went our separate ways,” Mackenroth says. “I had his cell number from years ago for some reason, and 30 minutes later I texted him: ‘Hey! Is this still your number?’, and he invited me to coffee. We met up the next day, and it was kind of love at second sight. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

The two quickly made up for lost time—and there was a lot of it to account for.

“It’s funny, because Jack and I have been circling each other for about 10 years almost, when I first moved to New York City in 2007,” recalls Dietrich, who at the time started working as the art director at HX Magazine, where he often met club owners and photographers for photo shoots. 

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“I was doing a lot of covers with him on it, and I was like, ‘This guy is handsome and sexy and intelligent, and making a difference’—never thinking that I would actually meet him. And we actually did not meet until late last year. We had seen each other on the street; I think we might have said hello once or twice. But things were keeping us apart.”

Back then, Mackenroth was fresh off his stint on the fourth season of Project Runway and was also known for his HIV activism. “We knew of each other for many years as ‘gaylebrities,’ but we had never met in person until last August…we always had a mutual attraction from afar, but the timing was not right until we literally ran into each other at the gym.”

They had coffee the next day and took their dogs for a walk in Central Park.

“It’s been a short amount of time and it happened very quickly, but I was single for eight years—I’m not real people friendly,” laughs Mackenroth. “Literally after our first meeting, I knew this was something. The whole ‘love at first sight thing’ I’m a little bit pessimistic about and I didn’t think it existed, but we’ve basically been together almost every day since then. It’s been great.”

So great, in fact, that they kept it relatively secret.

One step further

“We held our relationship pretty close to our hearts for about a month or two,” shares Dietrich (as Mackenroth immediately chimes in: “I made him”). “Yeah, he wouldn’t let me tell anybody, because I love to profess my love—and I’m in love with Jack. But I didn’t, so we kept it secret. We didn’t want everyone to know, because we’re very well known for different reasons, and for some similar reasons. So we sort or organically dated, and when it was right, came out as a couple.”

Soon, they would take things one step further in a way neither of them had expected.

The Best of Both Worlds

Dietrich began his award-winning career in the gay adult industry in 2014, quickly establishing himself as a very professional pig.

“Keeping relationships in the industry has been so key for me for the past 10 years. I really value my reputation in the gay adult industry, and the fact that it is a sterling reputation. I’ve been on point as I can be for every shoot and every live appearance that I’ve ever done, and I’ve tried to leave the best impression of myself, always,” he says. “I really just think it’s all about forming relationships so we can make a better product.”

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He focused all of his energy on studio work, mostly eschewing the clip sites that had steadily grown in popularity. “I didn’t think they were the right situation for me, because I thought the production value was lacking; most people just put up their iPhone.”

In the middle of 2019, he decided to step away and rejoin the corporate world. That proved unsatisfying (“I didn’t love it”), and he rejoined the gay adult industry at the end of the same year.

Meanwhile, Mackenroth has since ditched the fashion industry. He worked in public relations and communications—specifically HIV-related subjects—until three years ago, when he entered the adult space in 2018. He quickly built up a fan base through his clip site presence, resisting the allure of studio offers. (“I’m supportive of studios and love their product, but I have always been very firm that I want to own my content.”)

Their complimentary backgrounds—and the extra time they had getting to know each other during the pandemic—helped them arrive at a big business decision shortly after they started dating.


“For me it was an epiphany,” says Dietrich. “I was just kind of tepidly looking back for work as a creative director in the corporate world, and that’s when I said, ‘Why not? We can make our own studio. We have all the tools.’ I realized that we could do something on our own and have the production value elevated, and use Jack’s experience from his platforms and my experience from the studios. It was a no-brainer.”

And so the JACK’DOLF Smut Factory (JDSF) was born in late 2020, the two becoming business partners and drawing upon their diversified design backgrounds to pursue their love of fetish-tinged sex (described as “(Alexander) McQueen meets sexual fetish meets innovative design with a smutty twist”).

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