Naked Attraction – Stripping Model Juan Abellan

Sexy photos of a model Juan Abellan by photographer Sergio Miguelez – Part 2

Naked attraction – Model Juan Abellan really is. Sexy and masculine model Juan Abellan is back on our pages – as promised. We started stripping of hot bodied Juan but could not finish it in one post. Yeah, these postings are time consuming sometimes. You wanted to see him naked. We promised you his naked photos. Skillful photographer, Sergio Miguelez took upon himself to capture Juan body from all angles. Gay guys cherishing gym trained bodies will love this. Let’s finish stripping of young Juan!

Male photo model Juan Abellan - photo - wearing underwear only
Juan Abellan - male photo model in underwear advertising campaign
Naked attraction Juan Abellan model
All fabric is off and naked attraction Juan Abellan is showing it all
Naked Attraction Juan Abellan appears to be very relaxed in his nudity in front of camera
Nude photo of Juan Abellan - standing.
Juan Abellan – naked and handsome

That is all folks! I will try to bring more of Juan as soon as possible.

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