Stripping Model Juan Abellán by Sergio Miguélez

Sexy photos of a model Juan Abellan by photographer Sergio Miguelez. Originally published by a famous Eroticco Magazine

Very sexy and masculine model Juan Abellan will strip in front of cameras just for your pleasure. Photographer Sergio Miguelez managed to capture all natural beauties of the model. As well as beauties enhanced in some sweaty gym. I can recommend this for all gay guys out there who love men with strong masculine body. Model Juan Abellan is certainly one of them. Let’s observe model slowly stripping in front of camera. There is over twenty photos observing stripping step by step. Nothing will be left unrecorded by cameras.

Model Juan Abellan photo - wearing shorts and T-shirt
It is easy to spot masculinity of a model even when he is dressed
Model Juan Abellan shirtless – showing his strong torso. Don’t you like this pose?
He is sexy and he is masculine. Photo of Juan Abellan - in underwear. Great body
Now we know that he is wearing Polo Ralph Lauren underwear. I really like his eyes – looking somewhere far
Stripping of model continues. Smile on his face is indicating that he is happy to show what is under his jeans. Will he go all the way?
This is very sexy photo of Juan – showing strength of his body
Full frontal - showing male masculine body
Quick look at what is coming. Model has been stripped down to his underwear. He is still wearing Polo Ralph Lauren underwear but in different color. Obviously he had to go to nude to change underwear…

Well, just as in daily life – one has to be patient to get what he/she wants. We are half way through stripping of a model Juan Abellan. You can be assured that he will go all the way. Your patience will pay off. It will be rewarded with some great photos without fabric involved. I can promise you that. We will strip him slowly. It will be published right here and very soon. Stay tuned? Feel free to let your imagination work till then.

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