Naked Love – Men’s Erotic Photography

‘DNI’ an Eroticco Magazine exclusive by Anton Alexander

It is pleasure to present another piece of photographic works of Anton Alexander by Eroticco Magazine. This is a great piece of men’s erotic photography. In my opinion, at least.

Two men naked and playing together in front of a camera. Showing their nude bodies which are not perfect but are still attractive. My personal preference are men who are naturally built with no or little help from local gym. Frankly, this type are becoming sparse these days. Everything on this photographs looks and feels “normal”. I don’t know if models are gay or not. They might or might not be gay. They also might or might not be a gay couple. In any case, they interact with each other in a very natural and relaxed way. In a way that makes me thing that they are a couple. Anyone can provide more information?

For many people, myself included, kissing is more erotic thing in photography than nudity. Two nude (possibly gay) men touching gently and kissing. Even if they are not nude. Sometimes that element of something being covered or hiding triggers our curiosity.

I must admit loving the climax of this photo story. Was it a gay couple full of love for each other? Or maybe two very professional photo models? I don’t know. What I know is that I have enjoyed this presentation by Eroticco Magazine once again. However, all credits must go to these two models and photographer. It was men’s erotic photography that is pleasing.

Do you like men’s erotic photography? Do you prefer men’s erotic photography in black and white or in colour? Let me know and we can try to enjoy some more of men’s erotic moments together. Till then please enjoy this erotic photography as much as I do.

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