Men’s Body Art by Philo Male – Black & White

Anonymous models in ‘TWO DIVIDED BY ZERO’ by Philo Male for an Eroticco Magazine, October 2020 – Men’s Body Art in Black and White

two nude men photo - one behind other - men's body art in black and white
two nude men photo hugging - men's body art in black and white
two nude men photo - holding hands - men's body art in black and white
two nude male photo models - pubic hair and uncut penis - men's body art in black and white
two nude boys playing - one is showing his arse
men's body art in black and white photography

I hope you have enjoyed this men’s body art photo session. I certainly am impressed with models, photographer and photos that were produced

I must admit to being fan of black and white photography when it comes to body photos. Black and white photos highlight the texture of skin. This makes them almost more realistic than colour photos (in my opinion).

What do we have here – in this photo shoot? We can see two anonymous young men. Two photo models with almost perfect body shape. All their photos are nude. None of the photos is showing their faces – I guess that is the best way to keep this anonymous. For those looking for explicit scenes – you will be disappointed. There is one photo showing men’s manhood. It looks rather innocent and artistic.

They are touching each other in all photos in different poses. This is another proof of nude men’s photos being artistic rather than offensive.

I would like to thank Eroticco Magazine for once again presenting high quality photography of men’s nude body. Men’s body art in photos they have published is near perfect in black and white.

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