EXPOSED – Daniel Savoskin II

This guy’s name is Daniel Savoskin. This is not his debut on the International Gay Guide. You can bet I was out there looking for nudes of him straight away. It actually seems as though he’s new to the business. There’s not a whole lot of him out there to enjoy at the moment.

If you’re as impressed by this sexy shoot as I am then no doubt you’re in agreement with me when I say we need a whole lot more of this handsome man wearing a lot less! Has anyone seen his nude photos? I know he made some. I publish all of it in the last post. There are rumor that he appeared in some gay photo-shoots but there is no information about his sexual preference. Is he gay?

He’s an incredibly handsome man. Amazing body too, but if I know you guys the way I think I do then you’re gonna be mostly impressed by that obvious package he’s teasing us with in those sexy little gold undies.

I can’t say that you would ever find me wearing something like that, but Daniel Savoskin can get away with it.

Daniel is one of the growing cast of models who pose for photographer Stas Vokman, apparently quite regularly. I’m assuming most of them model for other photographers too but every time I’ve seen this guy so far it’s been in one of his shoots.

I love his mix of cuteness and hunkiness. You don’t often see that in a model like him. He’s got the body of a real stud. But the face of a slightly mischievous guy you can imagine would be quite fun to hang out with.

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