One particularly fast growing type of social media family of “Do it Yourself” entertainment is ONLYFANS. Here is just a little review of what is going on at ONLYFANS targeting Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Queer communities. As posted on their blog.

The Sexiest Men of Onlyfans

Honest reviews of the best male onlyfans pages, interviews, & more. Onlyfans of the month:

The Only XXX Guys of Fall/Winter 2020

2020 may not have been the best year, but in the midst of social distancing, everyone staying at home and a general *end of the world* feeling, Onlyfans became more mainstream than ever and our favorite male models have offered us some damn good content! As it has become a tradition here on Onlyfans-Reviews, we go back on the last few months to see who were the guys who generated the most buzz and likes on the notorious onlyxxxguys page these pas few months! Who are the most talked about Onlyfans guys? Let’s find out!

Spidey Boy

Do not pretend you have not fantasied about having sex with a super-hero. For me, it has always been Spider-man: a long and fit body in very tight and sexy suit, give me a kiss upside down, and I am your man. 

Well, if you are into that sort of fun activities, check out the new sensation of Onlyfans Spidey Boy to discover the secret (and very filthy life) of our favorite super hero as a power gay bottom. Incredible gay sex positions are coming your way! Check his post on the onlyxxxguys’ page.

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Hey Cum Here

Most of the time in his medical gown, this hot doc had decided to share his (freaky) sex life with us all, and we are here for it! I mean, those students loans are not going to pay themselves and what better way to solve this than sharing your HUGE cock with the world ?! Especially when you can cum like a fucking geyser and love to show off for an audience! We particularly love his videos live during Zoom Meetings. Strongly recommended for gay audience. Check his post on the onlyxxguys’ page.

Kipp NYC

That man is simply stunning. Kipp is the whole package: hot as fuck, handsome face with a great smile, filthy minded, and always horny! From dominant top to power gay bottom, Kipp just loves sex and sharing his perfect bubble butt with his fans. What’s not to love?! Warning: this page might make you want to move to New-York. The page that every gay guy would love. Really great guy! Check his post on the onlyxxguys’.


Maxie XL indeed, we could even say XXL. For all of you size queens always in the search of the new perfect hung man, we have a treat for you! Maxie’s jerk off sessions are unreal, but he also likes to enjoy some fun, sexy, and kinky time with other gay guys. Can you imagine taking that D. ?! Maxxxie is a delight. Check his post on the onlyxxguys’.

Sunny Valentine

The name of his site is certainly not false advertising: this man has the PERFECT monster cock… This 28 yo bisexual guy from Atlanta is not one to limit himself and is always willing to play games with his fans: filthy talk, ass play, fetish content, self-sucking (!!), feet and more! Very consistent with his content, he is dedicated to his page and to please his fans. Have a look at this man – you will not be disappointed Check his post on the onlyxxxguys’s page. 

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That is it for now folks. This post first appeared on ONLYFANSREVIEW and all credits goes to them.

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