Top Gay Underwear Brands – II

Welcome to the top gay underwear brands review – part 2. If you missed part 1 you can see it HERE

We believe your underwear is more than just a covering. It is an extension of you. Your underwear should reflect your spirit, your inner colors, and the truest versions of yourself

Do you know how they say that you can make yourself feel fabulous from the inside out? Well, obviously, that’s about inner beauty, but we reckon it’s also got a lot to do with underwear.

Let’s face it, no one’s feeling sexy when they’re wearing a years-old pair of briefs with saggy elastic and holes in the waistband. And, the horror of horrors, imagine if you get lucky with a gorgeous stranger and then have to strip down to those. We all know gay men have high expectations for underwear. Nothing kills a good time faster than old, cheap, ugly or ill-fitting underwear. 

That’s why we should all be wearing underwear that’s not only comfortable but stylish and sexy, too. Luckily, there are a whole lot of gay underwear brands that will get the job done. Leaving you feeling hot as hell and ready to take on the world. Is there any better form of ‘self-care’ than the confidence boost of a flattering pair of briefs?

Gay or Straight?

Naturally, these brands can be worn by everyone – gay or straight. Let’s just say that the aesthetic experience makes them particularly appealing to sexy gay men. Plus, we never want to pass up an opportunity to support a gay-owned or gay-friendly organization, which most of these brands are. Because what better way is there to express yourself, your values, and your diversity that through your queer clothing, and more specifically your underwear…

We believe your underwear is more than just a covering. It is an extension of you. Your underwear should reflect your spirit, your inner colors, and the truest versions of yourself. They are a way to celebrate our unique personalities, an opportunity for body empowerment, self-love, and self-confidence at a time where we may be at our most vulnerable. Because confidence is sexy – and it shows! 

So, chuck away those Target multipacks and prepare to invest in yourself with some new gay underwear that will make you feel and look hot as hell!

Cocksox – gay underwear

What do we love about Cocksox (aside from the name, obviously!)? Well, it could be the fact that they very conveniently divide their collection into ‘Everyday’ and ‘Sexy,’ so it’s super-easy to find what you’re looking for. It might be the incredible support that’s integral to all of their designs, as they see their goal to “support manhood by supporting YOUR manhood”. No wonder they’re one of the most popular gay underwear brands! Or even the fantastic fabric they use – the SUPPLEX material keeps you fresh and feels fantastic against the skin.

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Actually, it would be easier to list things we don’t love about Cocksox – nothing! The Everyday briefs, boxers, and trunks are comfy and fun, with bright colors and trendy patterns used (our faves are obviously the animal print numbers with the yellow waistband – reminding us of a particularly hot safari in Cape Town…). Even the simpler designs are jazzed up with thoughtful little touches like metallic waistbands. Sheer and mesh fabrics spice up the Sexy range, with thongs and slingshots that leave little to the imagination – but lots to enjoy!

We must continue our shopping for sexy gay underwear brand…

Calvin Klein – gay underwear

Seriously, we couldn’t finish a list of awesome underwear brands without talking about the King of the Peeking Waistband, Calvin Klein. They’re a classic make that at some point every sexy man will have had in their underwear drawer – for a good reason! A pair of Calvins are well-made, show good taste, and won’t break the bank. You’ll feel good wearing them, and there’ll be no shame if someone else sees them.

They’re ideal for men who like to keep their style simple, with a range of boxers, briefs, and trunks. The color schemes are streamlined, with mainly white, black, and grey featuring. We love the thick waistband as it feels a lot more supportive and a lot less like the elastic is digging into you. If you’re feeling a bit snazzy, you could get one of the colorful versions; although, to be honest, if you’re wearing these for a classic look, then keep it simple.

Shopping continues

Modus Vivendi – gay underwear

A gay underwear brand dedicated to the male way of life – which, to be honest, we are as well. So its a match made in heaven! Based in Thessaloniki, Greece, Modus Vivendi has a reputation for high-quality fabrics, exclusive hand-design, and luxurious packaging, so you can expect nothing but the best.

Since 1989 they have been creating unique collections that respect diversity, and each offers its own distinctive character. Spectacular patterns and bold colors are always a given as are elegance, authenticity, and edgy designs.

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Don’t you love shopping for sexy gay underwear with us?

Aussiebum – gay underwear

As you might have guessed from the name, this is totally a brand for those freewheeling guys who like to bum about on the beach, guys who don’t take life too seriously (but still want to feel good in their underwear!). Developed by a former beach bum, this incredible underwear range started as swimwear and then expanded. With styles including ‘brief,’ ‘hipster,’ ‘jock’ and ‘cheeky’ (we’ll leave you to explore that one on your own!), the excellent quality and colorful designs of AussieBum have made it world-famous.

What has made it so popular in the gay community? Well, it could be the 2006 launch of the ‘Wonderjock,’ a design to enhance your package. It could be the saucy advertising – google Aussiebum Shearing the Rams for an example. Or it could be how the entire collection was used in Kylie Minogue’s Slow music video. Or maybe it’s just the thought of their gorgeous models on the beaches of Perth and Brisbane? Whatever the reason, it’s undoubtedly a gay underwear brand that’s here to stay. They also have a fun swimwear collection to inspire your next tropical holiday!

Relax – our shopping adventure is not finished yet

SKU – gay

SKU is the in house underwear brand launched by one of Europe’s biggest underwear stores, Les Dessous D’Apollon.  Les Dessous D’Apollon has been situated in the famous Marais district of Paris since 2005. It has become a hotspot for gay travelers looking for the best gay briefs, boxers, and jockstraps. And now,  after twelve years, have launched their own label,  SKU Paris.

SKU is an acronym that stands for Stock Keeping Units. SKU is used for the classification of a commodity in the trade and logistics dialect. The company conceived the idea that “Stock Keeping Unit” also sounded like something that protects you down there, so they actually named their own label after it!

Designed in Paris and manufactured in Portugal, the most key factors of the product are reflected in the design: consistency, functionality, and aesthetic. Briefs, jockstraps, boxers, and more, all with an athletic style, are part of the range. And typically available in the French flag colors of white, red, and navy blue – though their range is ever-expanding. 

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We love shopping!

Rufskin – underwear

Since 2002, rather than just another pair of underwear, RUFSKIN has become more of a cult lifestyle for its wearers. The brand is based in Southern California and offers a sexy range of underwear, swimwear, sportswear, leisurewear, and accessories. Each piece is crafted to enhance the male form and offer individuality while redefining what sexy can look like at the same time.

The entire idea of the brand concentrates on the famous California lifestyle, which is essentially directed towards men. The entire collection of RUFSKIN is designed and assembled in Southern California and purchased at their San Diego storefront or online.

So, why not join the Rufclub too?

HOM – gay

HOM is a French company that has entirely concentrated on men’s underwear.  Design and quality are paramount, and this shows through their entire stylish collection. Since 1968, this brand has been competitive in the global underwear market and continues to grow. And maintain popularity with gay men.

Their form-fitting underwear does not only sit well and securely but ensures you make a statement with their high-profile HOM designs. HOM is the ideal underwear for every form of guy. Regardless of age or heritage, and their extensive range does well to cater to everyone. For everyday wear or special occasions, to spicy things up with your partner or surprise a new lover.

Diesel – underwear

A classic among underwear for men.  Diesel fuses trendy Italian fashion with sexy, casual cuts. Diesel has traditionally been a trend-setter in denim apparel since its establishment in 1978 by the Italian fashion entrepreneur Renzo Rosso. In 2007, with their men’s underwear range, Diesel stepped in a new direction. And just like its denim, has created a beloved option for modern, fashion-conscious, and active men.

Diesel underwear for men appeals to a wide variety of tastes with its vivid colors and modern graphic prints and helps you display your uniqueness. Diesel’s New & Bright line, revised seasonally, incorporates bold colors, patterns, and contrasting stitching on the pouch and leg openings. Diesel’s Under Denim underwear, modeled after the brand’s signature denim collection, expresses the style, soft comfort, and comfort of your favorite pair of jeans.

To demonstrate your sense of style for convenience and imagination, buy Diesel underwear.

We hope that our shopping guide to the best gay brands of underwear was comprehensive and helpful.

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