Photos of Nude Men In Classical Settings

Steven Menendez makes masterpieces that blend the male form with nature and classical aesthetics.

Steven Menendez is a fine art, portrait, and fashion photographer based in New York. He has always had an attraction to the classics in black-and-white photography. He wishes to create images that celebrate the glory of the human physique. The images showing both its strength and its delicacy. He is very drawn to shooting in nature, with the body becoming at one with the environment. Focusing primarily on men nudes for his personal work, he feels clothing acts as a barrier. Clothing keep us tied to society and all that it represents. By being naked in nature we can connect to the beauty of our deepest selves.

Many of the images in this portfolio are from his ongoing series “Return to Nature”. That series toured in 2017 and was shown in Fire Island, in Provincetown, and at the Leslie-Lohman Project Space. He is currently working on a new series titled “Male Intimacy” set to tour in 2019. He has work in the permanent collection of the Leslie-Lohman Museum and won several placements in the 2018 Nude Photoshoot awards. He tirelessly explores men body in his photography.

Favorite quotes:

“In such ugly times the only true protest is beauty.” –Phil Ochs

“Art can never exist without naked beauty displayed.” –William Blake

His photography can be seen on his website,, and Instagram.

Several color photos of men nude body are rather an exception. Steven prefer photographing in black and white photography. Note the photo of two young men showing passion to each other. Very popular among gay art lovers.

Steven has had solo exhibitions in New York City, Fire Island and
Provincetown. His work has been featured in The Advocate, OUT
Magazine and other gay publications. He has been awarded Gold, Bronze and Silver in the Nude
Photo Shoot Awards and was named Top 10 Black and White

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Photographers in the World by OneEyeLand 2020.

His works are particularly popular among gay population – celebrating imperfection but beauty of men body that is particularly impressive in black and white photography. His nude photos are not offensive even for those with conservative views on artistic photography.

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