Actor and Model Yakov Kolontarov

Walter Tabayoyong presents: Actor / Model Yakov Kolontarov

It is our pleasure to present model and actor Yakov Kolontarov. Twenty five year-old talented actor and model 6’0″ tall now based in Los Angeles. Thanks to photographer Walter Tabayoyong let’s start to scroll down.

model and actor Yakov Kolontarov - face photo

“I have been working with Yakov Kolontarov since May of 2019. I immediately cast him in a Joyner Lucas music video featuring Logic for the song Isis IADHD) where he plays a soldier.” Comments Walter via email.

Yakov Kolontarov is fluent in four languages: English, Hebrew, Russian and Bukharin. He won Best Actor in the NYU Festival for “Love is Blindness”.

Yakov can also be seen in the second season premiere of For All Mankind. Which, personally I love, an aspirational world where NASA astronauts, engineers and their families find themselves in the center of extraordinary events seen through the prism of an alternate history timeline — a world in which the USSR beats the US to the moon.

Model and actor Yakov Kolontarov photo in underwear. Is Yakov Kolontarov gay?

Yakov Kolontarov has done runway modeling, underwear modeling. He also has done hands for hand-modeling, well manicured, clean at all times. His body is shaved at all times.

His modeling also includes, not limited to Print/Motion Pictures Short Film/Commercial Acts, Website modeling.

Yakov Kolontarov photo showing his shaven pubic hair

Yakov is a attractive handsome man, sexy muscle model

Model Yakov Kolontarov
YouTube channel /YakovKolontarov
Facebook Yakov.Kolontarov
IMDb: Yakov Kolontarov

Photographer: Walter Tabayoyong
Instagram: @waltertabphoto

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