Jordie Caskey by Saint Mercury

Recently, Jordie shot in LA with Saint Mercury as they collaborated on some beautiful, artistic, black & white imagery. Plus, Jordie answered a few questions about the shoot and his latest acting adventures.  

Tell us about this shoot, Jordie.

We came across each other’s profiles on Instagram, and I was really inspired by his work and aesthetic so I immediately hit him up to shoot. He had some ideas that he had been wanting to try, and I liked them so we set up a time and made it happen! We shot in his apartment in Hollywood using natural light and just a few simple backdrops. It was a lot of fun experimenting and testing out ideas for new shots. 

How did you like working with Saint Mercury?

He is so fun and easy to work with! His inspiration is taken from ancient Greece and Rome, which has always been a big inspiration for me as well. We really clicked creatively in that sense. He’s got a really strong vision for his aesthetic and knows how to set up the entire set in order to capture exactly what he’s looking for. At times I felt like clay that he was sculpting to get just the right angles and expressions that he wanted. I was really inspired by some shots he’d gotten with my friend, Mark. They shot in his shower, and I loved the haze and the way the light reflected through the water. I mentioned that to him, and he offered to shoot me that way before we wrapped, so I was really excited to get to do that. It was a great team effort!

“Nude shoots are always a gamble working with someone new because you never know how the energy will shift once the clothes are off.”

Jordie Caskey

What goes on in Jordie Caskey’s mind during nude sessions?

It really depends on who I’m working with and the nature of the shoot. Different concepts call for different mindsets, but on any shoot I’m placing myself in the fantasy of the vision for the shoot. It’s like isolating a particular moment in the life of someone else, channeling the energy of it and being able to tell that story through the images. Nude shoots are always a gamble working with someone new because you never know how the energy will shift once the clothes are off. If a photographer has an agenda other than capturing great photos, that energy is felt, and it can make things really uncomfortable. This shoot was not uncomfortable in the slightest, and I hope to work with him as many times as he wants to! 

Model Jordie Caskey @jordiekylecaskey
Photographer Saint Mercury @saintmercure

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