Who is the sexiest male model in the World?

Is it Alton Mason?

By Alev Aktar

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… As for performing, it comes naturally. “Funny thing is, I’m not a trained dancer. I grew up watching movies like ‘Breakin’,’ ‘Fame,’ watching performers like Michael Jackson, James Brown, Andre 3000 — and their body language spoke to me. When I moved to LA, I got to assist creative director and choreographer Laurieann Gibson for a couple of years. Downloading her pocket in countless hours of sessions at the studio really sculpted my form and technique.” It was through Gibson that he scored a gig as a backup dancer for Sean “Puffy” Combs at the BET Awards in 2015.

While frequently traveling for work, Mason keeps fit by dancing and doing martial arts. “I try to get 100 pushups and situps in a day. I love to train in Shaolin Kung Fu.”

As for his grooming routine, it revolves around moisturizing — and family. “I use raw shea butter and African black soap. I love driving down to South Central LA to visit my brother, Dreece. He’s been shaping and cutting my hair for almost two years now. Not only does he have an amazing eye, but he’s also like a therapist — ha!”

Mason is also dabbling in a new pursuit. “Something I’ve been falling in love with is writing and recording music … stay tuned.”

While he’s going from strength to strength in his modeling career, don’t dare call him a dancer-turned-model. “Aha — hmm, it’s not a switch; I just added it to the narrative. I’ll be dancing forever!”

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