Beauty Shots by Kyle Springate for Elle Man Serbia

Incredible beaut shots by Kyle Springate working with Ivan Rasic as Art Director, grooming and stylist. Working with Elliot Meeten, Matthew Holt and Ryan Barrett

Elliot Meeten

Grooming 1:1

Proper grooming of your appearance is essential in today’s time. It is this your appearance that will allow you to gain a positive or negative impression. Additionally, grooming yourself and your impression will impact the way you will carry yourself, which in turn, will affect that way you interact with others.

The key area to men’s grooming is to focus on each feature of your appearance. Certain aspects of your appearance such as you hair and your clothes will be your priority for grooming.

Matthew Holt


No single hairstyle will work for all individuals, especially since everyone will have a different hair texture and even preference for a style. The best solution here is to opt for a hair style that is not only convenient for you, but also suits your preference. The best hairstyle is the one that requires less maintenance as well as minimum hair products every morning. A bit of online research will assist you. If not, you can always approach and get an opinion from a hair stylist.


Your clothing plays an important role in influencing your appearance. Opt for items that accent your body structure and skin tone. Play with colors, patterns and textures that works best for your skin tone or your eye color. For a most classy look, do opt for tailored items.

Body hair

The scruff and 5 o’clock shadow look is hot. Hair protruding from your ears and nose is not. You need to get rid of it, if not trim it to the skin.

Body hair

The scruff and 5 o’clock shadow look is hot. Hair protruding from your ears and nose is not. You need to get rid of it, if not trim it to the skin.

Groom your attitude

Last but not the least, you need to groom your attitude. A confident and upbeat appearance is more appealing. It also makes it easier for others to be comfortable and themselves around.


Nails should always be short and clean. No one want to get into a handshake that is a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Additionally, you do not want to accidently scratch someone with your long claws. 


While that routine teeth brushing every morning and night may seem like a process to keep the germs and morning odor away, it actually affects your appearance. No one wants to smile back, if you’ve got yellow teeth, or event last night’s dinner stuck in-between them. And definitely, no one want so be beside you if your gums are bleeding or mouth is stinking. Therefore, as a part of men’s groomingyou must take efforts to maintain your teeth. Don’t forget to smile a lot when you’re done though. 

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Photographer Kyle Springate @kylespringate
Grooming/Art Director/Stylist Ivan Rasic @ivanrasicstylist
Model Elliot Meeten @elliotmeeten
Model Matthew Holt @matthewholt1
Model Ryan Barrett @ryanbarrettuk

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