Marcelo Lima by Victor Ozuna

“Esta é sua própria experiencia” – Marcelo Lima by Victor Ozuna beautiful stunning frames embrace our pages today

Marcelo Lima is a professional Brazilian male model represented in Mexico City by Queta Rojas Agency.

This shooting took in Mexico City by Victor Ozuna, a professional photographer based in the largest city in America.

Marcelo is having a dream come true to live in Mexico City and booked as a model.

Having a great experience being photographed by Victor Ozuna. Just keep scrolling down.

A few times, we have published the work of Victor Ozuna on IG, and we can say is one of the best photographers in Mexico City.

Marcelo is original from Campo Bom Brazil, a town located in the valley of the Sinos River, in the State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.

Photography Victor Ozuna @victorozuna
Model Marcelo Lima @marcellokroth

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