Censored – Too “homoerotic”!?

We are running into more and more “community standards” that are used for censoring material posted on “social media”

The question is – who represents the “community”? When that “community” has ever voted on any standards? Internet that promised to deliver total freedom of expression for anyone and anywhere on this planet has delivered unparalleled power to influence and control to very small number of people who even call themselves a “community”. The famous Tumblr has change the hands and new owners are very strict in declaring what is homoerotic. Here are some examples:

Here are some photos rejected by famous Tumblr

Pictures rejected by TUMBLR as too erotic
Pictures rejected by as too erotic
Pictures rejected by as too erotic , homoerotic

Is any of the photos above offensive in any way?

Let us know what do you think


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